Islamic Threat: Video & DVD Resources

This is part II of a bibliography of resources for a study of the dangers of Islam (See also Part I). I’ve tried, for the most part, to compile voices from INSIDE Islam. So that we hear ex-Muslims or current Muslim leaders or Imams describe their understanding of Islam. This is a select list for beginning to understand the concerns that those who love peace and freedom hold.


Imam Choudary on the Islamic Way:

  1. Choudary on Sharia:
  2. On Phobias, Americans are Criminals:
  3. On Superior way of life:

Who is Allah?

Islam in UK:

Right to Fight Terror?

(Zuhdi Jasser vs. CAIR)

Islam’s Response to Homosexuality:

What’s coming to America:  Why are you not speaking out?


Wafa Sultan on Mohammed on Women:

Islam devours freedom wherever it goes:

The Third Jihad:


Newt on Islam:

  1. On the Edge of the Precipice:
  2. On Sharia:

Iranium–Iran and Nuclear Weapons:

ACT for America:  Brigitte Gabriel

Censorship of Islamic terms in US Govt:

Political Correctness is deadly:

Obama’s View of Islam:

What John Voight says about Obama & Islam on Huckabee:

Islamization of Paris:

Muslim Brotherhood & Islamization

Nazis Connection:

Many more video resources exist out there on the web. Better ones I’m sure. But this is my attempt to help others get a more historic and realistic perspective than the herds who believe everything they hear because they desperately desire Islam to be a “religion of peace.”

We need some voices of truth and realism to break the spell that people fall under when principalities and powers of this present darkness are at work.

Hope these are helpful to you.

©2012, David C Alves

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