The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 7


(continued from: The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 6“:


Week 3

LeeRoy discovered a new friend. Some of you already heard that he gave a dog on Twitter some strategic coaching. Yes, the dog’s name is Nelson. If you have Twitter, you can follow their brief conversation of @NelsonHyatt and @LeeRoydog. Topic is #LeeRoydog.  Anyway, it began like this: One day, after my dismay over LeeRoy’s new Twitter presence online, I noticed that Nelson had tweeted LeeRoy. Seems Nelson’s mom, Gail, somehow thought if she just let Nelson go right outside the door, he might stay around. Apparently, Nelson and mom were on two different frequencies. Nelson took off and toured the neighborhood. LeeRoy found out when Nelson tweeted about his latest neighborhood adventure (which apparently lasted for some time). Nelson’s mom was none too pleased. But LeeRoy began strategy sessions with Nelson. Unfortunately, LeeRoy agreed with Nelson that freedom should be his goal. One problem–Nelson is not an outdoor dweller. He’s made for indoors. LeeRoy, an Akita Inu, is bred for outdoors. I found out that he has lived outdoors all his life. So I’m trying to convince LeeRoy not to continue giving Nelson bad advice. What do you think? Should LeeRoy encourage Nelson? Or should LeeRoy help Nelson to obey and curb his desire to escape when off leash?

As far as recent breakthroughs go–most recently, I cut up some hot dogs and stew beef. LeeRoy follows me but would not take it from me or approach me “as I walked.” But, when I sat down at his level, though timid and snatching from me at first, he relaxed and sat near enough to gently take it from my hand. By the end of the little bag of meat, he was licking my fingers gently and seemed relaxed (for him). I see this as progress.


LeeRoy and I have a another new friend. Her name is Ryan Barney. She is known in these parts as the “Dog Whisperer of NH.” We’re meeting with her next Wednesday. She knows all about LeeRoy and has read “The LeeRoy Sagas.” She’s coming to help LeeRoy to receive a leash and let me lead him and walk him. My next step is to pick up a slip leash. I’ll pick one up and begin familiarizing LeeRoy.  I’ll have it around the arm that gives him his treats, just so that he sees it and is not jumpy around it. I wonder if LeeRoy will recognize THE LEASH! Remember, he dragged one for several months until it completely wore away. Now all that hangs from his collar are his tags and the remaining clip that the leash was on. Wonder what will happen when LeeRoy meets LEASH? Wonder what will happen when LeeRoy meets Ryan? And, I understand from Ryan that she’s not coming alone. Who will be with her?


What will happen when LeeRoy meets “Dog Whisperer of NH?


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