The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 8


 (continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 7":



Well, I’ve had LOTS
of feedback from you regarding LeeRoy. May suggestions from the kids too.
Thanks Kids! Lots of interesting and good ideas.


And have I got news
for you! LeeRoy met Ryan AND Beth–her new friends. They watched me feed LeeRoy.
Then they went to work. They made excellent recommendations. Beth is going to
bring down a BIG doghouse to place in the woods, near LeeRoy’s favorite path.
Do you think LeeRoy will go inside? We’re also going to try to quiet him down
with some special drops that will go into his food–to make him less nervous and
jumpy. Maybe then he’ll enter in.


I have to say that
LeeRoy was not very well-mannered. First, he was very standoffish. And when
Ryan went out to try to feed LeeRoy, he wouldn’t come to her and barked at her
until she came back in. Ryan got her female dog to meet LeeRoy, but as soon as
LeeRoy saw the dog round the corner of the house, he bolted for the woods and
disappeared until Ryan put the dog back in her car. Ryan had excellent
recommendations and with her teammate, Beth, they were very helpful. I like
them because they really cared about LeeRoy and are using their combined years
of experience and knowledge to help him and us.


And to top it all
off, they are going to be with Cesar Milan when he comes to Boston and they’re
taking some video footage with them for a special meeting they’ll be having
with him. They want to share all about LeeRoy with Cesar and see what he will
say. Wouldn’t it be great if Cesar would TAKE THE CHALLENGE and try to help
LeeRoy? That would be really cool.


In the worst case,
they said that a Vet can put a tranquilizer in his food and when he falls
asleep, we can bring him into the garage, the Vet can treat him and then we can
see how he’ll act when he wakes up. It sure would be nice if LeeRoy didn’t have
to be tranquilized to get him interested in coming indoors.


Episode 9.  How will LeeRoy react to the
new calming potion in his food? Will we have to tranquilize him? Will he go
into Beth’s dog house? All this and more photos of LeeRoy.

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