The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 9


(continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 8":


LeeRoy has been out
in below freezing nights, but seems to be doing very well. He doesn’t mind
because he’s got on his thick winter coat. We learned last week that LeeRoy has
always lived outdoors. That’s why he’s
so shy of people. He’s never lived indoors with them. He lived outside on a
farm down south. So he gets nervous around too many people. Although, he’s
doing much better because he’s used to lots of people coming in and out of the
church office (which is in the bottom level of our house).


To calm him even
further, Ryan suggested that I try special drops in his food. Though she wasn’t
sure they’d work. We tried them for a week, but they don’t seem to work yet. So
we’ll try them for a few more and see if we notice any difference. The idea of
tranquilizing his is still an option, but we have to decide once he’s
tranquilized do we want him in the house or will he go back to the shelter?


This week he was a
little mad at me because I left him while Marcy and I spoke at the couples’
retreat in PA. A friend of ours fed him (but not treats). When we got home,
LeeRoy wouldn’t come at first. On the second day, when he smelled the warm
turkey dogs, he came running. He has been following me around every time I go
outside now.


I took some photos
of him in the back yard. And I took a short video of him waiting for his food
in the rain. He’s very patient. He likes the rain and often you can see him
sitting in the middle of the field when it rains. Sometimes he just likes to
lay in the field hay.


We’re looking
forward to Beth bringing his new Dog house. And LeeRoy’s friend Paul L, brought
him a pallet so that we can put it inside the BIG dog house and cover it with
hay. And we’ll try some kind of bed for him too. We’ll put lavender oil on the
bed. Actually under the bed (the scent would be too strong on top of the bed).
This is a trick I learned from Cesar. Lavender calms dogs. So we think it will
help LeeRoy to get a good night’s sleep. What do you think?


Hope you enjoy the
new photos of LeeRoy at his fan page on FB: LeeRoy

If anyone would like to write to
LeeRoy, I’m sure he’ll post those notes and letters on his fan page when he
gets around to it. Come on kids. I’m counting on you to let LeeRoy know you


Next week, I’m
hoping he’ll be in his new dog house. We’ll see.


Episode 10.
  Will LeeRoy get his new dog


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