The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 10


(continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 9":



So . . . haven’t
written an update on LeeRoy lately because there’s not much new to report. Except
that last week I went to the Barn Store and bought a bail of straw–beautiful,
golden straw. I took it home and followed LeeRoy’s path out to his pine tree.
There I saw where he beds down and spread the entire bail of straw around the
base of the pine tree. Took some photos too, but it’s hard to see how nice it
looks in reality compared to the photos (but I might post them anyway).


Beth has been sick
so she wasn’t able to bring down the dog house. Still waiting. Meanwhile
LeeRoy’s friend, Paul, asked if he could bring some lumber over and build
LeeRoy a lean-to. I told him about the dog house so we’re going to wait and see
if LeeRoy will go into the dog house first. Or maybe we should build the
lean-to first and from there, in the more open and safe covering, he’d be more
willing to enter the dog house. Any thoughts?


So LeeRoy is very
happy about another new development that means more to him. I bought him a new
kind of treat which HE LOVES!! He runs from the woods. He’ll follow me
anywhere–EXCEPT into the house or any other enclosure. I bought a huge package
of Oscar Meyer Beef Hotdogs. He LOVES them! $7.98 for 6 packages of 6 in a case
at BJ’s. They last me a couple of weeks, because I just use them as treats. But
he’ll gobble them right from my hand. He doesn’t even bother to chew. If he
smells them, he comes. Marcy loves to see LeeRoy follow me around the property.
We have 6.8 acres here in lawn, field, and woods. LeeRoy goes everywhere as
long as I have treats in my little red pouch that I bought especially for those
walks around.


You’ve probably
already seen the videos he’s posted of himself eating. He actually likes
getting his picture taken or being filmed because he knows everyone will see
him on Facebook. I think he has a vain streak.


He’s still
unpredictable though. He’s NEVER aggressive. But you never know when he’s going
to be approachable or timid. He’s like a light switch. Off and on. On and off.
One day coming right up and feeding from my hand. Another day, unwilling to
come right up. He’ll bark awhile. Back off. Sit and then after I wait there
with him a while, he’ll slowly, cautiously approach. Who can figure?


Next week I’m
hoping to see progress. And I have to solve the water dish dilemma. His water
is frozen solid every morning. Any ideas?


Episode 11.
What will some of you recommend for which to provide first–lean-to or dog house? What should we do about his frozen water bowl?

2 responses

  1. Hi David- We will be bringing the dog house down shortly, it is very heavy so we have to get enough people to help with the transport. You could always build the lean to over the dog house so he will have both options!! Talk to you soon! Ryan Barney


  2. Hey David. There are heated water bowls. I believe they use electricity, though. I hope you can get shelter for him soon. Linda


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