What About Jesus?


One of our favorite movies is “What About Bob?” Our family loves to get together and have a  “What About Bob?” night.  The Marvin family is developing an attachment to a likeable, neurotic patient, named Bob Wiley. He has invaded the family’s vacation and is teaching them lessons–good and bad. In one scene, psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin, has been plagued by Bob Wiley long enough. In order to rid him and his family of this pest, he commits him to a local mental hospital without the family knowing about it. Unfortunately for Dr. Marvin, the hospital calls him back no sooner than he arrives back at his home and he has to drive all the way back to the facility because the staff wants to release Bob. As the camera pulls back from their summer home, Dr. Marvin’s wife shouts to him as he drives away without Bob  “What About Bob?  WHAT ABOUT BOB?” They want to know what Leo has done with Bob?


When it comes to a belief that claims eternal significance in your life have you ever asked: What about Jesus?  Have you left him behind or committed him to some place  outside your life? Are your beliefs grounded in a trustworthy source or are you gambling your eternal future on a Bob Wiley?


Have you ever taken a look at what people say they believe? You have to wonder whether or not they’re truly convinced or they’re just saying what sounds profound. But where does this stuff come from? And ask yourself, “If I only have one life to live (even that reality is in question in eastern thought), do I want to entrust my destiny and legacy to a belief that involves strict observances, laws, regulations, and religious practices? A religion or faith that makes no impact on improving life for anyone because it lacks compassion and love? A belief system rooted at best in partial truth, or at worst, in impractical nonsense?


Just look at this one saying and think about it?


“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature” –Joseph Campbell


What does this even mean? Match my heartbeat to the beat of the universe? How do you do that? When will you know you’ve succeeded? To match your nature with Nature? Who said that this is the goal of life? Uncle Remus? The Oracle? One of the talking trees from the land of Oz? Would you invest your eternal future in such improbable invention? Do you want to follow someone who has no experience that can take us beyond this natural realm? Especially since we KNOW there exist other dimensions. We have consistent testimony by every great religion.


All religions and all people at some point or other have to come to the place of confronting ultimate, absolute Truth. God has designed it that way. Every person on earth, regardless of faith, ethnic origin, or place or time of birth has to come to terms with the Perfect Man, the only one who raised from the dead. He who claimed to be the ONLY way to God–Jesus Christ. God has made Him the Only choice. It is simple. The way was made easy and simple so that everyone could come who will return to God. But that is why the way is so often mischaracterized as “narrow.” Narrow in the sense of exclusive. But God excludes no one. We, through rebellion, exclude ourselves when we choose to believe a lie. More on this is available in my book: We’re the “sons of God” . . . So What?


People exclude themselves when instead of coming to terms with reality, they become their own reality or fashion an alternate reality.


If the millions of us who have met and trusted Jesus are wrong about Him, no harm done; we’ve simply lived an abundant life; avoided hurting people by a self-directed indulgence; built hospitals, schools, universities; and, loved the people around us as best we could. But if you’re wrong, if you’re trusting Bob Wiley, only to discover that Jesus alone is the ONLY WAY to eternal life, what does that mean to your eternity? What will your legacy and eternity look like given such an existential error?


If you’ve read this far, perhaps you will seriously ponder how you answer the question for yourself: What about Jesus?


Meditate on Him and may you discover that Jesus truly is alive and ready to enter your life–right there where you are reading this . . . Right now!


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