The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 11

11 :

(continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode



As you can see in
the photo, LeeRoy has a new place we call "LeeRoy’s Shanty." Thanks
to Paul L and Paul N, the latter building it and the former supplying the wood,
LeeRoy does not have to sleep in the sleet, snow, or rain anymore. Now the only
question remains, will he GO INTO the shanty.


As it is, he sleeps
IN FRONT of it in some straw I spread around just to attract him. We weren’t
sure how he was going to react when Paul and I placed it next to his trail into
the woods. But LeeRoy took to the new straw right away. It’s been really cold
here too. I believe the lowest temp so far has been 9 F. He has been walking
very slowly these days. Even when I call him for his food, he sometimes won’t
leave his little nest. I think that he cut the pads of his feet on the ice
between the field and the house because he is often limping.


Question is, will
he go into the shanty? We have given up hope of him becoming an indoor dog. He
is no further along than he was back in July. He doesn’t even take food from my
hand anymore. So I’m not sure what’s going on with him.


We found out that
LeeRoy is an Akita Inu mix. Akitas are Japanese dogs. Usually very human
friendly (when properly socialized) and usually good house pets, though very
independent. Here is some advice that an Akita breeder gave for LeeRoy.


 . . . the very thing that strikes fear in his heart
is to be caged/contained again.  To put him back in the shelter is what he
is working so hard to avoid. He very much values his freedom. 


It took me 3 mos to get my Akita into the house.  He only had the
space of a small yard but stayed in the far corner.  Finally after lots of
interaction, coaxing, hand feeding my son picked him up and carried him into
the living room.  It took 4 years to get him secure enough to walk to the
office. Now he goes into most rooms in the house.  He’s been here 10


LeeRoy needs water so there must be some way  . . . to provide him a bowl that starts
warm, stays warm & can be placed in the sun.  If you can get him
into a smaller area & more contained, it will be easier to take care of
him.  I think he’d rather die of the elements than be caged again. 


I’m hoping to see
him at least make use of the Shanty. But it may take a major snow storm to
motivate him to go inside instead of just laying his head on the platform. So
what do YOU think? Should we just resolve to let him stay outside? Or should we
have them dart him and bring him in? Leave a comment or write me on Facebook
(David C Alves NH) and I’ll include your comment in Episode 12.


Episode 12.  What will my readers

One response

  1. Barbara Clark Cramer | Reply

    I’m sorry – I’d dart him, bring him in an enclosed garage that is never opened from the outside, along with his shanty. Love him, talk to him, sit with him and pray that the Good Lord desires that he become a house dog and sleep on the floor next to your bed. He may not want to be caged, but I bet he would love to sleep in front of a warm fireplace with you and Marcy.


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