Come to Me


Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

–Matthew. 11:28

Real rest–soul rest–is found in one place. Jesus is the true source of so much and now we find that he is the end of our striving and busyness too. He is our REST and QUIET–our peace.

He invites “ALL” of us to “come.” The only prerequisite is that we be weary and heavy laden–weighed down in heart, weary from our labor, worry, concern; tired from trying to be strong, from carrying burdens (not intended for us to carry); and, from an overload of responsibilities that wear us out. Some may be tired of just living–striving for acceptance, defending from rejection, protecting our reputations, guarding our livelihood or looking for one.

But . . . we need to be willing to lay our “stuff” down and pick up his “easy” yoke and “light” burden. His yoke yokes us with him–along side him. We connect and couple ourselves, by an act of the will, to go where he goes, to move or stop when he moves or stops. Actually, our second act of the will. Our first act is to “come.” We must, like Mary, choose the better part–to place ourselves in the presence of Jesus–at his feet, listening to what he will say. So I go in the morning to him. I wait on him. I don’t fix myself up first to make myself presentable. I simply sit, quietly, choosing to give him my weariness of soul and lay my burdens down.

He is always there, so that I might be yoked to him and learn from his humble, gentle style. That’s how we know it’s him–by the character of his teaching style. We run from any other voice (Jn. 10:4-5). He is never harsh with us. When we come he speaks gently and welcomes us. He promises not to reject or chide us for coming. To go to Jesus is to begin the first day all over again–everything fresh and new. He is the One who told us that forgiveness was to be lavish and always ready to welcome the one who needed it.

PRAYER: Lord, I hear you calling (Isa. 55.3). I come, just as I am. Help me to receive your REST. I desire to make the exchange you invite. I give you my stuff and take yours in exchange. Thank you for your gracious invitation to those of us who have gotten weary and weighed down. How is it that you are so marvelous to me?

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