Don’t Be Afraid

“So don’t be afraid; you are more
valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.” –Mt. 10:31


Marcy and I love birds. Every day we watch them come and go at our feeders. We recognized the “regulars” and look forward to seeing them and providing their food.


Jesus told his disciples that they were not to be fearful as they traveled throughout the region on his assignment. He told them not to fear, then gave them the reason in an illustration about a sparrow. He said that not one falls without the father’s awareness of it. He tells them that even the hairs on the disciples’ heads are each accounted for. In other words, God cares so much more for them than he does for the birds, that they need fear nothing . . . ever! God is intimately aware of every single need and situation in their daily moment to moment lives. Knowing that they are so valuable to Him is the antidote for fear because it leads to trust.


When we trust that we matter to God, that we are valuable to the Father, we will no longer be controlled by fear, but by love. Oh, from time to time we will be fearful, but we will not be controlled by that fear. This is what John the Apostle had in mind when he wrote, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” We are perfected (completed) in love when we see the great love God has for each of us. Once we have responded to that love by being honest about our shortcomings, faults, trespasses, and sin, we acknowledge that Jesus made the way open for us to enjoy the love that we are coming to know. Fear is about judgement but we no longer fear because Jesus took upon himself our judgement. He paid the price we would have had to if we kept running from the love of God and had remained in our sin. What a great truth.


Father, thank you that you love us so much that you value us and find us precious to you. Help me to walk in that knowledge today. And especially help me to remember that since your sons are so valuable to you, they must become as  valuable to me. I choose to love who you love and care about what you care about. I choose love over fear. Empower that decision so that it brings you fame.

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