Ten Characteristics of the “sons of God.”

I really believe in the message that I’m sharing with the body of Christ in this book. God wants us to know His heart. He draws us with cords of love because we’re precious to Him. He has a huge purpose for us. Our calling is unbelievable. We’re the “sons of God.” So what characterizes God’s family of sons?

  1. God’s “sons” “have learned to stand in legitimate delegated authority. I explain this more fully in the book. But briefly: It’s not a top-down authority. It’s a calling or vocation. It’s an assignment. God is not making a family of leaders with authority over each other, He’s giving us authority over his kingdom. We rule with him over what he rules. We begin by learning to obey God and follow his direction. As we learn submission and the benefits of that submission to his lead, he entrusts us with greater assignments–parents, heads of households, influencers in businesses or groups–he gives us the opportunity to love and bless in a larger context. If we do well with that, then we continue to be entrusted with more. (if you want the scriptural supports for these truths, they’re given in my book).
  2. They understand that their authority flows from love and is effective in changing situations.
  3. They use their authority in Christ to bless, not control. Controlling authority is not granted to God’s sons.
  4. They recognize how important “freedom” is to God. This is a central value of God’s sons.
  5. They will have increasing insight into the ministry of Jesus and the ministry of healing (a central ministry of Jesus).
  6. They will not produce harm on all of God’s holy mountain.
  7. They will be in step with God’s Holy Spirit (Gal. 5.25).
  8. The sons will include all who are devoted to God the Father as having first place in their lives.
  9. They will be devoted to knowing him (not merely intellectually) and making him known. They will yada Him.
  10. They will reflect something cleaner, clearer than we have yet seen in church history. They will not make a big deal about their holiness, but they will have put behind them willful sin. They model the exchanged life. And though they are not yet complete. They are moving toward that completion daily.

So there you have it. Here are only ten of many more characteristics of the sons that God is raising up. I go into these and share the others in my book, We’re the ‘sons of God’ . . . So What? featured on the right side of my home page.

© 2011, David C. Alves

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  1. Thanks a lot dearest man of God for your great insight on Sons..I was at sea as to finding points for my sermon next Sunday .God bless your


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