The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 14

[Have you read Episode 13 yet?]

So . . . LeeRoy is now back in the garden. Yes . . . all the snow is melted, the brown ground and fields are soggy but clear and LeeRoy is Lord of the garden plot again. He seems VERY happy. He loves the birds’ singing. He watches the deer and turkey that come through. He only chases varmints (opossums, raccoon, and  squirrels that get too close to his shanty).

He’s posing for pictures again. That’s why we have such a nice one for this post.

I’m hoping those of you who follow LeeRoy will ask some questions which I will be happy to answer in subsequent posts. Leave your comments. Don’t be afraid. I sometimes read them to LeeRoy. Or you could leave them for him directly at his blog on Facebook.

So LeeRoy is considering what Wayne said about him at He’s wondering if he’s missing something in life. He’s coming in a little closer. And he seems to be open to new foods. So perhaps progress. He’s communicating a little more on his blog too. He was pretty quiet during the cold months. Sometimes it got as cold as -10F, but he seemed to do fine. He did not like the freezing rain or mixed precip that came in March. But snow didn’t seem to bother him. He moved his straw around in the shanty and pushed it out onto the clearing he made near it after every storm. We tried to keep him comfortable by replacing straw and fluffing it up for him.

His friend Paul came most every day with some treats and just to visit. LeeRoy takes to Paul. And Luke feeds him every morning and evening like clockwork. He also made sure that the ice was broken and skimmed off LeeRoy’s bucket.

But now all that’s behind LeeRoy and he’s looking forward to the spring and summer in Penacook, NH on his own little plot of earth. And to the tilling of the garden where he can once again be King of the Cabbages.

What do you think? Does he have the life or what?

One response

  1. Barbara Cramer | Reply

    I believe Leroy has a pretty good life with people like Marcy and David watching over him, and of course, Jesus, too. Maybe he needs to be outside in the winter – I’ve been told that they can overheat in the house. How about a huge cedar house filled with straw to bed down in with a plastic flap to keep out the wind. Works great for feral cats. We insulated one, filled it with straw – got it on-line. Anyway, it would still be nice to see him come in with you and Marcy on occasion. Glad the weather is getting warmer for him – not fun to drink out of a frozen bowl.


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