Seven Reasons I Love My Kindle

Until recently, my greatest excuse for not owning a Kindle was the cost. Then Amazon released the $139. newest generation version. Excuse one demolished. I could spend that amount in a bookstore buying four hardcover books. So my handy second excuse came to the rescue–I’d rather hold a book in my hands. I like the tactile experience and feel of a solid book, with pages and cover art. After all, I’m an author. Books are a great love of mine. This is how I remained Kindle-free for since its invention.

Recently, after seeing and being oriented to the new Kindle by a friend, and having viewed the interview with Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, I decided to give it a try. I have now been an avid Kindle user for five months. And now am a Kindle advocate. I would not want to be without it. Let me give you at least seven reasons I love my Kindle.

  1. Ease of Use. The Kindle is simple to use. The point of reading is to engage with the author. Kindle removes the complexity and removes the distractions. After just a short time of learning how to navigate around, I found myself no longer thinking about the Kindle, but fully engaged with the authors. Typing out your notes is tight if you have big fingers like mine, but otherwise it’s not bad if you’re patient.
  2. Affordability. Kindle is only $139.00. Many books are free. Classics and collected works are usually free. I own a large number of free books–more than I could read in a lifetime. Other books, newer books, usually sell for around $8.99. Some are higher, some are lower. But with the money I have already saved from not having to pay the full retail or even 30% off sale price, I have already paid for my Kindle.
  3. Subscription services. I receive USA Today every morning on my Kindle. I do wish it had my local paper available, but perhaps I should visit their office here in town. AND my blogs and my wife’s blog posts appear in the menu whenever we post to our website. You can subscribe not only to magazines and newspapers, but to blogs as well. And you do so with a 14-day FREE trial. So you can test read first before you commit. Then if you like what you’re reading, blogs are 1.99/month. Some are only .99/month.
  4. Reading Experience. Screen. Fonts flexible. Background music (yes it can replay MP3’s, but very limited. It’s a reading tool and doesn’t try to complicate things). I find it easy to hold. It’s very lite. I love the screen and pages. Because it is not backlit, my eyes are very comfortable and I can read for hours. When they get tired (at night), I can enlarge the font and voila, I’m able to continue. Though perhaps having to enlarge the font should be my indicator that it’s time to GO TO BED! You can also post your notes and a photo of your book cover with just a couple of clicks. I love that feature. I have a number of readers who enjoy the comments I’ve made about the books I’m reading.
  5. Portability. I can carry several large books with me. I can carry my whole library if I want. I have over 2.5gig of space to store my books. If I had to carry in boxes all the books that I can hold on my Kindle, I’d need a Mayflower mover to come with their biggest rig. AND . . . I absolutely LOVE the feature that let’s me delete books from the Kindle to store online in my safe online Kindle library for retrieval anytime I need them again.
  6. Battery Life. The battery life is 30 days of normal reading. If you keep your wireless connection up, then life may be 7 days. Still . . . that’s GREAT! I’ve not had a battery problem yet. And my Kindle also powers the light which comes with my Kindle cover (sold separately).
  7. You can LOAN your books. The loan feature is wonderful for bibliophiles like me who don’t like my books to go out of my library. First, I’m afraid they’ll either be damaged (not everyone loves my copy of the History of Piracy the way I may). Or,  second, they don’t get returned and never find their way back home. With the loan feature, no problem. I can loan most Kindle books for a 14 day period. After the 14 days are up, they return to me AUTOMATICALLY. WOW! You’ve gotta love that bibliophiles!

If any of my seven reasons help you to get off the fence, you can find out more about Kindle at I’m not an employee, nor will I earn anything by you purchasing a Kindle directly at Amazon. Don’t forget to try a 14-day FREE trial of “David’s Place,”  my blog for Kindle. I will get .99 a month for that if you like it enough to stay. But more than that, I’ll gain a new Kindle friend. If you REALLY appreciate (or hate) your new Kindle come back and let us know.

QUESTION: Do you already own a Kindle? Tell us what you think of it if you do.

©2011, David C Alves

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