An Adoptive Mom’s Heart

Are you an adoptive mom? Then you know that feeling of love that continues to fill you. You know the desire to share your love with children who have little or none. This post is a message between me and a young adoptive mom who had expressed a concern that she was being selfish in wanting to adopt more children (her and her husband already had several). Our correspondence is shared with her enthusiastic consent. I have changed the names and edited only to protect the family’s privacy.

Here’s the correspondence:

I’m not surprised that our Father gave Michael to you and Sean. You are both an example of Christ to those who know and see you. And you both compliment one another perfectly. All this I see from afar, imagine those who know you best. They see more clearly, more specifically.

This one thing I would add. I hope this will not embarrass you, but from time to time it can be very comforting and encouraging to hear what others see of Jesus in us. Permit me to be a “father in the Lord” to you for a moment (1 Thess. 2.11-12). I see that your heart has been enlarged to the degree that God is able to love others through you. He has given you a capacity that you could be tempted to think is “normal” because it’s who you are. But it is not normal. It is a gift of God. That huge love for your children also spills out beyond because the more you love, the more love flows. So that all of us experience something of it. If you do not yet make the most of this in prayer (which I’m sure you do, but perhaps not to the degree that you’d like), I believe that intercession (learned first over your children) will become the keystone of your ministry to your family and overflowing to us as well. Beth, I’m up at 4:30am writing this to you. I sense that I am way out of what my normal comfort zone would be so I can only assume the Lord is encouraging you, but for your sake and mine, please run all this by Sean and let’s see if he confirms what I’m saying.

Trust in that love that God is giving you. Don’t be tempted to think it is selfishness. Or that you have some inordinate desire. You have been given a mother-heart that will bring great healing to others. Don’t worry about it being broken either, because God and your husband stand guard over it. Your children will rise up to bless you.

I’m not going to reread this letter, because I’m afraid I’ll start editing and second guessing myself or how something might sound. Self-doubt can be such a nuisance when God tries to speak through and to us. So I’ll sign off now that I’ve said what I was compelled to say. Blessings!

In His love and fellowship,
Gal. 2:20

Beth’s Response:

Any words I use to express what God has shown me today since reading this could not come close to describing what I have experienced within the spiritual realm. Thank you for your obedience to God by sharing your encouraging (prophetic) word with me. Sean and I were in complete awe that your words were spoken as if you had been a part of our private conversations regarding Michael’s adoption. God is good!

I hope to share more with you as God enables.


QUESTION: Can anyone identify with Beth?

©2011, David C Alves

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