Farmers, not Fighters?

Recently, I read a Fox-News article entitled,  “Afghanistan-bound Marines Learn Farming Practices.” I couldn’t believe it! I had to blog on this.

Throughout history, in EVERY country and culture, the military is used to keep the balance of power and fight when evil moves against the good. God has given governments their armies to protect people and punish evil (Romans 13). Would it be wonderful if we turned our swords into plowshares? Yes, and someday that will happen. And we will welcome it because it will be real. But the need for a national military will not come to an end before Jesus returns. Until then, evil continues to seek to dominate people, especially nations. Believe me, other nations are not turning their fighting men over to farm instructors, to produce more trees and plants on the battle fronts.

Since when did the military of the United States of America come to think that their mission was FARMING?????  Come on!  I never thought I’d live to see this sad day come. The confusion has reached the TOP. Why don’t we just give up our weapons. Let’s all get shovels and rakes and hoes. Move boot camp from Paris Island to Cumberland Farms. The U.S Marines?? I’m almost ashamed to say that I served in the military. If I were a Marine, returning from my assignment on the farm in Afghanistan, I’d never want to admit it. What would the unit citation be for, “Best Tree Production?”

The United States has fallen so far, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to get back up. Just remember–you who think this is such a good idea–when your nation is lost. Remember that no nation that does not take evil and fallen human nature seriously, will be able to remain free. We have turned a HUGE corner. And this is just the beginning. Soon we will have no need for our military, because we will be under someone else’s.

It’s time for those of us who tend to be the silent majority to speak up. Or perhaps it’s PAST time?

QUESTION: What do YOU think?

©2011, David C Alves

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