Google+ to Move Facebook & Twitter Aside?

I received an invitation to Google+ last Thursday. Now I’m trying to learn about it. Here’s what I’m finding out:

If effectiveness drives popularity, then Google+ is soon going to move FaceBook and Twitter aside. GP may become bigger, more popular than BOTH.

Brian Clark, at said:

[Google+] takes the good things about Facebook and Twitter and makes them better. More importantly, Google had the luxury of watching what Facebook and Twitter did wrong, and made it right.

Clark goes on to say that GP will probably hit it really big by being about content and community.

One downside is that Google+ is so new that those who are there are trying to get up-to-speed. We’re trying to learn it and see the potential (if you want to stay ahead of the wave on this, then add Brian to one of your circles. And even though participation is by invitation only, more than 10 million are already using it. I’m not sure what will happen at Twitter and Facebook. Some people will not want to take the time and energy to learn a new platform. But may others will.

Will Google+ with its millions of Googlites draw enough Plussers to make it the most gigantic social network ever . . . or will people stay with what they know?

QUESTION: What do you think about the advent of Google+ ?

©2011, David C Alves

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