This Present Sharia Darkness

This two part message is not a scare tactic. This warning by a courageous, political leader, Geert Wilders, is a brave testimony to the TRUTH! He reminds me of the Winston Churchill of the early 1930’s when no one would listen. Until the Third Reich began bombing those who derided Churchill.

For conscience sake, and because I have studied the history of the Ottoman Empire and Islam, I have to host this video on my blog.

If you’re unable to access this from a reader or email, simply click here.

Part 2 of his message is below:

Wilder echoes and underscores what I wrote in Chapter 2 of my book, We’re the ‘sons of God’ . . . So What?. You will see that what I predicted there TWO YEARS AGO, is now unfolding faster than I had predicted. I thought then that I was being conservative.

This is the clash of Kingdoms and Cultures predicted by Jesus as an unmistakable characteristic of the end times.

QUESTION: What do you think about Sharia law, Islamization, and this warning?

4 responses

  1. WOW… That is stinking scary stuff. I have heard that there is already a “Sharia Law” court system in Texas. These are very perilous times we are living in. We are going to continue to witness the unraveling of prophecy and the Lord’s work as described in the Bible. For those who know Him – it’s awesome and nerve-racking. For those who don’t – we Christians need to PRAY and reach out to them! How long do you think it will take for Sharia Law and Islam to take over our once powerful nation – who is founded on Godly principles and religious freedom? Will we see our rights as Christians be done away with? Will there be scores of angry people who think this post is “offensive” because I’m practicing my rights of “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of religion”?


    1. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I do believe that most Americans will sleep until it’s too late. They have been indoctrinated by politically correct, pluralistic dogma. Many who were taught history were taught by reconstructionists (who fashion history after their own image–would be novelists). As a result, our nation sees through a lens of tolerance for everything except truth and wisdom.

      I wish I could be more optimistic, but I’m a realist and student of real history. Mankind has come this way before, with dire results.


  2. If Islam were really a religion then maybe, in response to Jonathan. Islam is a complete way of life. It is a Theo Politico. It is a self governing (via what they consider Divine law)…and it has no value for human life. The ideological teachings even encourage killing Christians and Jews to ensure paradise. This is criminal behavior and adhering to these teachings should be considered criminal. The most devout are the most dangerous.

    I totally agree that we are seeing things unfold. Check out cross comparisons of the Son of Perdition from Christian (which I am) prophecy and the 12th Imam and (the reincarnate “Jesus”…who they believe will be involved in that time period) Check out he parallels. One of the parallels that I have drawn but which is not mentioned is this: What is the only ideological belief system on earth that beheads others at this time? What does the Bible tell us will happen to those who refuse the mark of the Beast and the worship him…. hmmm.


    1. Thanks for your comments. They are well reasoned and informed. Do you have a biblical reference for what happens to those who refuse the mark? I’d be interested in seeing that. So might some of my readers. Thanks in advance.


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