A Retraction

Upon further reflection, I decided that my post entitled “Most US Muslims Feel Singled Out by Terror Policies” was ungracious and unfair. So I deleted  it from my posts.

I didn’t like the spirit in which I was framing my argument. It had an air of superiority and smugness to it that is not truly reflective of who I normally am as a follower of Jesus. Even my wife said, “Honey, that doesn’t sound like you. It’s more a rant than a reasoned argument.” I had to agree with her.

Even Though I continue to believe Islam is a problem, I choose to argue the case more generously. As a result, though the post may have negatively impacted few [I do not presume to have many readers], I decided to pull it from my archives as well.

I further apologize and seek forgiveness from anyone who may have been distressed by its rather rambling and demeaning nature. I’ve decided to think more carefully before I put my thoughts and feelings out where they can be read.

Thank you for reading this.

6 responses

  1. You’re trucking on very dangerous territory. If you think your way is the only way, I pity you. Although I totally disagree with the violence coming from the middle east, I know people of the Islam religion that I love having as friends. I have learned things from them that are extremely valuable. You really should try to be more open-minded.


  2. Thank you for taking time to comment. And I appreciate your warning. But tell me, did you think that I don’t like Muslim people? I hope what you read was that it’s their religion that is the problem. As a follower of Jesus, I am to love everyone, including enemies. Not all Muslims are enemies. Only those who take their faith seriously–the “true believers” who model their lives after Mohammad and believe that the United States is their enemy and needs to be under Sharia Law.

    If zealous Muslims want to be under Sharia Law, they’re free to live in any number of Muslim countries ruled by Allah. I resent aliens entering the United States and telling Americans that their goal is to institute Sharia Law and undermine the Constitution of our nation. Australia, Holland, England, and France already have major problems with new citizens who secretly (and openly) hate their host nation.

    So why did they leave the country of their origin? If they love to be ruled by Allah, then Saudi Arabia or Iran should be perfect for them. Let them pour out their contempt there, not here.

    One more question: If your loving Muslim friends are peaceful and Islam is a peaceful religion, then why did you feel the need to warn me that I’m on “dangerous ground” in criticising Islam, nominal Muslims, and Islamic jihadists? I should be in no danger at all. But I feel that you have helped to prove my point.

    You really should read The God Who Hates. It was written by a woman who understands the true nature of Islam because she was raised under its oppressive worldview.

    As for open-mindedness . . .

    “An open mind is like an opened mouth, it is meant to be closed around something solid.” –G.K. Chesterton.


  3. Terrence F Kavanagh | Reply

    I doubt that Glynis is warning you that the muslims will attack you, although they might, I think she’s warning you that, although your “rave” is possibly fairly harmless, it has the markings of bigotry and racism, regardless of your intentions.

    Yes, your post does go over the top a little to make your point, still, you are entitled to have your say, but I do think that the US have laws against racist remarks, and that all residents of the US are protected by the Gov’t powers as long as they obey the laws.

    It would appear that certain persons feel that disregard for these laws is a good thing, such that muslims in the US are feeling uneasy about their safety. I honestly doubt that we have to right to expect any more of them than obeying the law, as religious freedom is “guaranteed” by the US constitution.

    What does Jesus think? My guess is that He’s be a lot more compassionate than you David. These muslims are probably in the US to escape the fanaticism of POLITICAL ISLAM which is not to be confused with the religion of Islam. These people came to the US seeking shelter. Would you be Christian in denying them a basic right to safety? Where is your Sonship now? Are you really this poor in spirit that you’d criticise people seeking help from the same people who have openly declared themselves to be your enemy? If they are proven to align with the enemy, send them back to the enemy camp, otherwise protect them.

    While it’s possible that you’ll find some words to refute what I say so that you can win this “arguement”, I ask you David, does it actually prove anything besides your limited views? I won’t bother replying, say what you will. It’s a difficult world and I doubt that things will get any calmer on powderkeg Earth, so my own opinion is that we will be better off being more accepting and more concerned with the welfare of others than inciting conflict, especially at a time like this. Criticism may have it’s place, but is it really a current priority?

    You’ve asked What Do You Think? So I am telling you. Do you really want to know or is that actually a challenge to us to try to defeat you. It appears to me that people love the glory of victory above and beyond their own welfare. Pride cometh before the fall but so many dive straight into “proving” themselves superior, even so called Christains.

    One final thought: I see little difference between crusades and jihad, which I believe is where all this conflict has it’s roots. Let us try to be gentlemen and let the morons have their wars till they grow beyond it all, meanwhile I guess it’s our joy to try to assist them to grow, wherever we can. It’s possible that nothing else matters, especially it the Lord actually is our shepherd.

    May all good things come your way


  4. that’s really offensive…to pizza


  5. David
    I agree with you that Islam is a religion of hate. Have we forgotten 9/11 so quickly? Have we become so complacent? Europe slept when Hitler made his way through it and look what happened there. We too were asleep at that time and allowed it to happen. Wake up America! Open your eyes to what is happening to this country.


    1. Terrence F Kavanagh | Reply

      Hi Madeline
      Whilst you’re a little off the mark concerning Islam and hate, you are also not too wrong, mostly because radical, fundamentalist Islamic groups control much of the political power within the mid-east.

      I don’t have any animosity towards these people but they have truckloads of animosity towards me, and ALL others who aren’t like them. Make no mistake, they will kill us if they get the chance, but it is the political Islamist radicals who want to kill us, not the ordinary Joe or Abdul in the street. Try to keep all of this in perspective. Check out “How Facebook changed the World” on YouTube for a refreshing insight regarding the average person in Islamic countries.

      Be aware, be very aware, but don’t fall into the trap of hating your counterparts just as much as the fundamentalists hate non-muslims.


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