ABC’s Islamophobia

Want a real news story. Go back through the video archives of ABC World News. See how many stories involving negative portrayals of Evangelical Christians were reported using the term “Evangelical Christian.”

Compare that to how many stories about islamic terrorism use the terms “Muslim” or “Islam” or “jihad”? Even though a group that DEFINES ITSELF and ITS OWN AGENDA by its mission to put an end to America gets a free pass in the nightly news. Honestly, have you ever seen their investigative reporters dig into CAIR or any of the other score of “front” groups for Hammas and Hesbolah? They wouldn’t dare to. They apparently had no need to be concerned about the sensitivities of tens of thousands of Christians in this country but are so afraid of Islam, that they won’t mention its name in stories that have their birth in Islams worldview.

In other words, ABC reports on terrorist stories in one way (politically correct, tolerantly), and they report on Christian issues without any qualms regarding fairness? Why aren’t they equally “sensitive” to all religious groups? I know the answer. But are they willing to find out?

I’d love to see a new NEWS media. One that reports the truth. One that doesn’t pull any punches. One that tells it like it is. One that digs and reports whatever it finds. One that doesn’t cater to any political, ethnic, or religious faction. How refreshing would that be.

Honestly now . . . has ANYONE EVER seen more than ONE story on the severe persecution of Christians in the Sudan or in Saudi Arabia? Has anyone cared to look into the burning of churches in many Muslim nations? NO? Why not? Why the silence? I noticed MANY stories on Human Rights violatoins of Gay People, Women, African Americans, and almost any other group. But you won’t find many on the treatment of Christians, Gays, Women in Muslim nations.

Someone could argue, well ABC wants to focus on American news. Then remove the title WORLD NEWS.

What we need are a few men and women who can’t be bought, sold, intimidated or otherwise co-opted by any particular faction or ideology. It doesn’t mean that these people can’t have values or opinions, they just need to be honest and straight forward even about their own biases.

Let’s speak honestly . . . Though I watch nightly news and appreciate their overall coverage and human interest stories, ABC does  not seem interested in offending its ideological base. Therefore we can’t expect honest, objective, tell it like it is, REAL NEWS when it comes to religion!

3 responses

  1. Appreciate the incite. Keep up the good work.



  2. The free press that most Americans think we have is nothing more than front groups for mostly the liberal agenda. I do think that it is 90% controlled by a very few people. The other 10% is greatly influenced by popular opinion, and as is the case you point out here – fear. They are actually just being cowardly due to a fear of becoming a target of the terrorists if they point out the truth.


  3. David
    Thank you for telling things like it is. Maybe this will help to make people listen and take their heads out of the sand. (Hopefully the media too)


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