Churchianity versus Christianity.

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I am small, but in this post,  I have embraced a huge task. I seek to glorify another. My voice is not loud, but perhaps, because of the internet, it will be heard (if not believed).


First, I hope to help redeem the term “Christian”–which I would define as “a regenerate (born from the Father) disciple of Christ,” so that we can once again use it free from historic baggage and pejorative connotations.

Second, I hope to clearly portray a true Christian.

The only way to do that is to renounce Christianity’s historic counterpart–Churchianity.

As one appointed by Jesus, not of men, I tell you authoritatively that those who claimed in the past to be “Christians” (followers of Christ) and yet put Muslims to death for not believing, or tortured those who did not convert were IN NO WAY Christians. They were sons of their father whom Jesus identified as the Devil (Satan).  If only discerning disciples of Jesus would see much of church history in this way, we could once and for all set the record straight. Let’s let the Word of God speak to them:

“All those who say they know Jesus but do not walk as he walked are liars (and we know who the father of lies is) and the truth is not in them.” —First Epistle of John, Chapter 2, verses 4-7.

No believer can, by the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, deny the character of Christ by word or deed. Yet that’s what much of historic “Christianity” (which I call “Churchianity” from here forward) did. By their actions Churchianity denied Christ and even put to death true believers and followers of Jesus, because the believers would not relent from their pure faith in Christ to follow dead forms and traditions of men. These  dead forms and traditions (“religion”) were kept alive by evil men. Often, those who could afford to give the biggest estates and most money to the church hierarchy received titles and position in the church. These abuses are well documented in church history. Jesus warned that wolves would come in among the flock and ravage it FROM INSIDE. These are men who grasp power, riches, notoriety, and influence–all of which true disciples of Jesus would renounce, like their Master. These parasites were animated by religious flesh and were themselves the guardians of demonic strongholds. Unfortunately, Churchianity continues to be led by these unregenerate men. They have no loyalty to Jesus but use his name for their purposes, to consolidate their institutions, introduce false, heretical doctrines of demons, and lord it over the vulnerable and gullible. They create a culture of fear and shame to hold people in line.

A man of a particular “Christian” sect once told me that if the Inquisitions had succeeded, and were still in effect, he would delight to give the order to put me to death. He told me this with vehement anger and bulging veins as he shouted in my face that because I believed what Jesus said about having to be spiritually born from God that I was a heretic. This man would have made a good church leader in the middle ages. But he would not have been a good Christian. He is the stuff religious Churchianity is made of. See why, in a previous post, I despise religion?

Simply read the Book of Martyrs and see. Read about the voices of the radical reformation that stood against this pagan form of Christianity. That form of religion is what has prevented many millions from turning to Christ to find his arms open to receive and love them. Only the final judgment of God will put an end to “religion,” but I’ll be happy to see that Day with my Savior and Father. As the Word of God teaches, we who know and love Him will judge fallen angels and remand the spirits behind religion to the Lake of Fire. What a day of rejoicing that will be, when people are no longer troubled by Satan’s host. And Churchianity dies.

All that remains is this last word: Any “Christianity” that does not walk as Jesus walked is a counterfeit and a blasphemy against God the Father and Jesus our Lord. And how did Jesus walk? In humility and obedience to the Father. Loving his brothers and doing the works of the Father. Sharing the Beautiful News of the Royal Reign of God. This is Christianity, the only one God recognizes.

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  1. Amen! The “imitation” is never as good as the real thing. Churchianity does not satisfy spiritual hunger – nor can it – only God’s spirit can do that.


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