Clash of Kingdoms: Allah vs Yahweh

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Part 1 of 2

DISCLAIMER: If you could hear my voice it would not be enraged, but insistent and urgent. I am deeply concerned for those Muslims and non-Muslims who I believe are asleep, or perhaps waiting on the sidelines to see how things shake down. I am most concerned for those who are followers of Jesus, to hear the Lord’s urgency that the time is short. My sincere desire is for ALL to come to a saving encounter with a loving God, not the god of Islam (where there is no love, no forgiveness, no assurance of righteousness and salvation). I want my readers to encounter the living God, Yahweh, and his truth expressed through loving engagement and most clearly in Yahweh’s Son, Jesus of Nazareth—Messiah.


Two Kingdoms have clashed since the beginning. Since his fall, Satan has always opposed God. God’s enemy may cloak himself in some new worldview, movement or genocide but anyone with eyes to see can recognize his strategy. Same old book with a different cover.

Satan’s M.O. is ALWAYS the same:

  • Elimination of freedoms. Institutionalized bondage.
  • Value system directly opposite God’s revealed values (in Scripture)
  • Lies. Since he has been labeled by Jesus as “the father of lies,” we can expect the following: outright lies, covert deception, false witness, false prophets, false doctrine/dogma, false accusation, denials in the face of absolute proof. He twists truth to his purpose—the Lie.
  • Stealing what is not his. Satan is a thief. He takes what should be God’s and makes it his. He sets up his own gods, his own government, and his own systems of punishment.
  • Satan makes himself out to be God. He is a usurper. Satan fell because He wanted God’s throne. Allah is not just another name for God:

The Koran teaches that Allah and Yahweh are one in the same God. If there is only One God and Allah is the same God as Yahweh, then why are the Muslim’s requiring conversion to Islam and submission to Allah? Believers are already submitted to Yahweh (both believing Jews and Christians). Why did I emphasize believing? Because not all Jews love Yahweh and have embraced their Messiah; and, not all “Christians” are followers of Jesus and his Father, Yahweh. This is why God himself despises religion. Someone can claim inclusion in a particular faith community, without responding to what God says truly identifies believers and faithful followers.

Based upon my understanding of Scripture, Allah is either a manifestation of Satan or one of his demon gods, demanding submission and worship that is not rightfully his. Allah is the Arabic, pre-Islamic desert moon-god–Allah.

  • Hatred against God’s people (believing Jews & Christians). Satan demonstrates this hatred by the following characteristic—persecution.
  • Persecution. Satan ALWAYS stirs up persecution and human rights violations. He hates people because people are made in the image of Yahweh, destined to crush Satan’s dark kingdom. Jesus said that Satan “was a murderer from the beginning.” From the beginning” is most likely an allusion to Cain. The man who killed his brother Able because Able was the true worshiper of Yahweh and honored him correctly. Cain was jealous, envious, and despised God. His anger at God resulted in killing God’s grandson (Adam was God’s son). Both Jews and Christians are being persecuted in the name of the God that supposedly gave them birth and eternal life?

If you want to see Islam without restraints then look around the world. Look at the Sudan’s Muslim hordes. Look at the lawlessness and violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt. Look closely at the real face of Islam. Wherever in the world Islam is the majority worldview, human rights mean nothing. Wherever human freedom is in jeopardy, Islam is a key player. Wherever terror is valued, Islam is its best friend.

Islam is the bully of the world. Of all the worlds’ religions, Islam is the only one that dares to put to death those who will not submit to its god.

One article stated: “In the absence of law, you can understand how demolishing a church goes unpunished,” he said. “I have not heard of anyone who got arrested or prosecuted.”

Why, “in the absence of law,” would Muslims destroy a church? I thought Muslims were “peaceful.” We’re told over and over that we’re bigots, xenophobes or  islamophobes when we point out the public and private behavior of the genuine adherents of Islam. How can we believe they’re “peaceful” when at every opportunity, in every country but the U.S. they show their true colors (for recent examples see: see also [They are showing their true colors here in the USA now too.]

  • Death & Murder. Satan is the lord of death. Death is Christ’s final enemy. He has been defeated at Calvary, but must be put under the feet of Jesus through supernatural power in the course of history and finally at his Second Coming. This coming is not far off. That is why Islam has been stirred to new life by Satan. The global surge of Islam at this point in history is not by chance. The Bible prophesied that kingdoms would clash and that a global tribulation would be the result (but this is another post or perhaps book).

Islam is a religion of hate, war, violence, revenge, wickedness, and murder—as seen in its unrestrained adherents.

On Feb. 23, less than two weeks after Mubarak’s ouster, a priest was found dead with several stab wounds and witnesses say masked men shouting “Allahu-Akbar” (God is Great) were seen leaving his apartment. The incident triggered protests in the southern city of Assiut [sic] where Christians scuffled with Muslims.

Not long after, in March, a Muslim-Christian love affair led a Muslim mob to torch a church in Soul village to the south of Cairo and set it on fire. When Coptic Christians held a protest denouncing the attack on the church, they were attacked by a Muslim mob wielding guns, knives, and clubs (peaceful hunh?). When the protest ended, 13 were dead and 140 injured. Read more:

Here in the U.S., we have a more covert, watered-down version of Islam. That’s why the term “stealth jihad” is so appropriate when speaking of their agenda here in the States. Muslims here realize the foolhardiness of exposing Islam’s historic purpose and, instead, practice subterfuge. Deception is not only permitted by the Koran, but encouraged. The doctrine of using deception to further Islam is known as El takria. Lies are the native language of its founder and its god–“War is deceit.” How can a Muslim ever rise any higher than either of those two, unless that Muslim recognizes the truth and turns to the love of Yahweh? Allah’s values reveal him to be, not God, but God’s adversary and enemy.

No matter which way you slice it, Islam has been, is, and always will be about death, because its god—Allah—is all about death for those who will not submit to his authority. Satan is a murderer and so are all his appointments, including Allah.

Just look at the people who have had their lives threatened because they have spoken against or blasphemed Allah or Islam. When was  the last time you heard of a true, regenerate follower of Jesus threaten someone’s life for not believing or for blaspheming? NEVER!!!  True followers of Jesus and of Yahweh leave it to God or Christ to take care of blasphemers. Who among us is wise enough to know who to put to death? But this has ALWAYS been the way of Satan through his puppets. You will know them by their behavior. And their behavior cannot rise above who they truly are in nature and character. Any honest person can see a HUGE difference between Yahweh and Allah, between Christ and Mohammad. They’re not even in the same universe of morality or supernatural power.

We who speak the truth of Christ Jesus have always had our lives threatened by Satan. He is the murderer behind all murder and killing in religion—including those of historic Christianity (both Roman Catholic and Protestant); Hitler’s pretense to be “Christian” and his demented Third Reich (now there’s a blasphemy for you); and now, true followers of Allah (those who really know their Koran and follow the life of Mohammed (I’m not talking about the many lapsed Catholic and fringe protestants who have “converted” to Islam. They don’t know Islam any better than they ever knew Jesus or the Bible. They simply rejected the worst of religion for something that offered a different, more mysterious reality regardless of its truth, righteousness, or the values and actions of its founder and god.)

Next post, I’ll suggest a response.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts given what you’ve just read?

Part 1 of 2 – ©2011, David C Alves

3 responses

  1. Started reading but left when I heard satan had fallen(Since his fall, Satan has always opposed God.) did not know satan had fallen. looks alive and upright especially this time of year when everything is taken up by halloween. then we have the muslims they are the devils . read or most like you have read , Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah. and then tell me Satan has fallen.


    1. Satan is alive and active. His fall was from heaven to earth following his rebellion against God. You can read about this in the Bible.


  2. David
    I finally got this one to work for comment. I wish people would only open their eyes and ears to what’s going on. It reminds me of when Hitler was on the move. People were complacent then and look what happened. Thanks for sharing the truth with us.


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