Newt Gingrich Answers Questions in NH

Honestly, I have rarely heard a speaker as concise and decisive as Newt Gingrich. Newt has a grasp on all the issues. He never used a note. Nor did he use teleprompters or have a moment of indecision. His new 21st Century Contract with America is outstanding. And he has already proven that he can deliver. He did it in 90 days the first time around as Speaker of the House.

But honestly my greatest concern was accusations I’ve heard about his personal life. I even had a dear friend warn me that Newt’s character was contemptible. So, I did some research.

Rather than present a political discourse or try to make this just another announcement about Newt’s political plans and abilities, I decided to share with you the link to his answers to those who stand critical of his personal life. That’s a genuine concern.

But I am satisfied that Newt has taken responsibility for past behaviors and has publicly confessed his immaturity during the 1990’s. He has learned. As far as I have been able to ascertain, he has made things right with God and with those to whom he needed to make restitution.

Oh yeah, here’s the link to his answers regarding personal life issues, rumors, and false accusations:


3 responses

  1. The part about the extra marital affair is funny, although not in a comical way. It seems to be much more about why Clinton did was wrong and deflecting the topic from his own affair. From my understanding people didn’t want him kicked out of office for the affair; they were just shocked by it.


    1. You’re right Alan. It’s always disappointing to see the blemishes of highly gifted leaders. It’s really hard to find someone who can lead a nation and who has a PERFECT record in his/her personal life. All you can hope for is that when a person admits to falling short grace can be applied. What I like about Newt is that he isn’t making excuses. He said he acted immaturely back then and that what he did was wrong. Then he tried to make things right with God and his family. That’s taking responsibility and being an example.


  2. True, it is taking responsibility and being an example. It’s interesting though that when Clinton came out apologizing for his disgusting acts many Christians were skeptical about the whole thing. This was even after he had certain Christian leaders confirming his honesty. Over history it’s been fascinating to see how different ideologies shape how a person on each side of the aisle can be viewed socially.


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