My “Best of Newt” YouTube Playlist

Here’s my “Best of Newt” YouTube Playlist. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to see the best candidate for President currently running. Speaker Gingrich is the candidate who can, with God’s help, lead us out of the mess we’re in. He can soundly defeat Obama in 2012.

2 responses

  1. With “God’s help”? What does that mean??? When you demonize Obama and support Newt based on “morality”, while blatantly ignoring and overlooking Newt’s infidelity and disrespect of marriage, you’ve entered the world of idolatry. The party, the candidate, the ideology — all now placed above God.


    1. Peter, though we are still free to disagree, thanks for caring enough to comment. I’ll answer you by the numbers.

      First “With God’s help” is a phrase many in our culture would not understand. You’re correct to point it out. Many in our nation have turned their backs on God and do not seek his help. So I literally meant “with the assistance of God.” With his help Newt can lead our great nation. Apart from His help, we’ll have another four years with someone who believes he can lead this nation in his own strength and ability.

      I’m at a loss, however, to see where in this post I demonized Obama. To “disagree with” now means to “demonize”?

      As far as ignoring or overlooking Newt’s infidelity and disrespect of marriage, you must not have heard (or perhaps believed) Newt’s remarks of repentance and regret over his earlier life. Like King David, he may not have been faithful or perfect, but he could still be a great leader for our nation, especially because he knows about sin, weakness, repentance, and restoration. Hope this reply clarifies my stand for you. As far as what people “claim” Newt did and what he really did are concerned, you might want to read the article his daughter wrote clearing up the lies and rumors floating around about him in the press and rumor-crazed culture.

      Finally, I’m not sure who you’re accusing of “Idolatry” and of placing party above God. But it sounds like you’re guilty of your own accusation of “demonizing” your opponents. Your tone and tactics lack integrity.

      If you’re referring to my priorities, they are: I’m a son of the living God–a follower of Jesus Christ first. My true citizenship then is the new heavens and new earth of my Father-God. Then I’m an American. Finally, I’m an Independent. [But more on this in another post.]


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