My List of “Character Development Absolutes”

Some things are absolute. Gravity is a good example. Like it or not, gravity is absolute. Climb to a tall building and jump, you WILL fall. Throw something heavy into the air, it will come back down.

The following is a list of “Character Absolutes” that I have developed for my own personal spiritual growth. This list has been decades in the making. Much of it has been gleaned from years of bible study and personal spiritual formation. I hope you can glean some nuggets for your own list.

I’m continually updating it and reviewing it seeking the Lord to make my character like that of the great men of the Bible. I commend it to you.

Character Development Absolutes:

  • Nothing substitutes for a passionate relationship with the Father, through Jesus Christ.
  • Maintaining this passion must take the highest priority. Time alone with God is therefore a joy and basic assumption. Everything, therefore, will work against this becoming a value.
  • Nothing substitutes for hearing and learning from God (through His Word, his leaders, his still small voice, revelatory gifts). All other sources are secondary.
  • Integrity and honesty are essential and foundational—this means holiness & righteousness.
  • Family relationships model our relationship with God. Any leader who has not learned this and prioritized his family is leading without spiritual authority.
  • The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God.
  • We are accepted in Him—this minimizes and eventually eliminates fear of man.
  • Unapplied truth is useless, even harmful. (Use it or lose it!)
  • The more truth we assimilate, the more he gives us.
  • Defensiveness is overcome by loving acceptance and gentle admonition.
  • Be a gracious receiver.
  • Be a generous giver.
  • We must become less and less; he must become more and more; less of me is More of Him.
  • Keep short accounts with God.
  • We must believe God’s Word over every other impression. i.e. If He says that we are “a new creation” and that “the old has passed away” then that is who we truly are, no matter what our experience tells us. Believing is seeing!

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