Spiritual Journal Entry 2/13/12


Probably just spent the most profound week of my recent walk with the Lord. I have been in his presence continually in a way that I have been conscious of his nearness. I think of his promise: “Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you.” (James 4 somewhere).

Don’t want anything to disturb this “abiding.” This is what I was made for and why I was called to be a son. Profound peace, shalom, fatness of soul, great joy, sweet communion, these are some ways I would try to describe my experience. I also sense that something like a switch has been activated that brings me to a new level of intimacy with Him.

*      *      *

I have recorded much more in my two diaries–“Ideas” and “Thoughts.” While I was with the Lord, it wasn’t convenient to use my laptop, so I wrote in the diaries to later transcribe them here to my spiritual journal.

To summarize, I would simply say that God placed a divine discontent within me for anything less than His manifest presence. I wanted to GO be with Him–apart from any distractions–for an extended period of time. So I carved out a week on my calendar, made the appointment to stay at the monastery, then packed and went. From the time I made the decision to get apart with the Lord, I have sensed his nearness, his pleasure, and his continuous drawing. I believe from what I read that He longed to be with me and placed the desire for more of Him in my heart. My part was to cooperate with the desire.

Of course, once I actually arrived at the monastery and settled in, He embraced my heart and I’m experiencing something of the mountain-top type of experiences I used to have when I went on spiritual retreat alone to VT or Grantham or with Pete to Pilgrim Pines.

The difference is that I have always returned to the valley following mountain-top experiences with God. This time, I’m still on the mountain-top. I want to trust him that I can abide here and function in my everyday life. This may be some of what Brother Lawrence wrote of in his Practicing the Presence of God. Even in our work, we can be recollected to our Father’s loving presence.

Great peace have they who abide in your love, Lord. Thank you that you “Delight” in us.

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  1. I appreciate these journal entries


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