Is Jesus Alive in You?

The fact that Jesus is alive is indisputable. God himself is the first witness to this fact. Then come the twelve Apostles, to whom he appeared. Then the 500 other eyewitnesses recorded in Scripture. Then the countless witnesses throughout human history. And then me and my friends and family who know Him in our own lives.

How about YOU? Are you a witness to this truth yet?

Have you yet come to know that Jesus is indeed alive from the dead? That He can communicate with you. That He wants to share His love and treasures of wisdom and knowledge with you? That you are important enough to Him that He gave himself as a willing sacrifice to bridge the huge Chasm between you and His Father–Yahweh–the Only, true and living God.

He has opened to way to the Father for all those who are willing to believe. He has made us all “sons of God” through faith in His life, death, and resurrection from the dead.

This faith is not a blind faith. This faith is a faith based upon sufficient evidence and unimpeachable eyewitness testimony. This is a faith based upon personal experience as well. This is a faith that smashes all anti-supernaturalism. NO ONE who truly comes to know him and the Kingdom of God will remain a materialist. We believe in that which is also spiritual.

Today, because Jesus has risen, you can too. Today . . . because Jesus is alive, your spirit can be brought to life too. God is the one who accomplishes this in answer to your calling out to Him. When you choose to believe, and ask Him to come into your life. Get ready for weird and wonderful things to happen.

Invite Christ to be alive IN YOU!  Then get ready for your life to change . . . significantly.

First, believe that Jesus died and rose to live again as He testified. Ask Him to produce a godly sorrow in you for your me-centeredness and self-conceit. This will open the way for repentance [the desire to change your mindset and direction in life away from your way to His]. When you repent (turn to Him), He will meet you in a way that you can understand. Invite Him into your life. Invite Him to be Lord. Watch what the living Jesus will do.

Life will still be life. You may face tremendous challenges or difficulties, but you will face them with Him. He will be all that you need in the midst of every trial. He will be your Counselor. He will keep you in the center of His love and take you safely home to the Father.

May the Lord be with you as we prepare to celebrate Resurrection Sunday this year. If He is already alive in you, may you manifest His life to others. If you’re just coming to know that He’s alive, may this year’s celebration have brand new meaning for you. God bless you richly. Grace and Peace to you.

QUESTION: Is Jesus alive in you?

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