Cultural Implosion Advancing

English: Third generation Amazon Kindle

English: Third generation Amazon Kindle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following story by Joel Rosenberg, in his newsletter, simply adds support to my post entitled: At the Middle of the End: No Way Out. The following paragraph appeared in “FlashTraffic:”

CULTURAL IMPLOSION? — It’s hard to make up stuff like this. “A West Virginia man who was traveling across the United States gathering material for a book about kindness in America was shot and wounded while eating lunch in Montana, police said on Monday,” Reuters reports. “Ray Doland, 32, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the arm following the incident near Glasgow, Montana on Saturday, Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said. Doland was still in hospital on Monday but was expected to recover, Meier said.” The sad and bizarre story comes on the heels of a new FBI crime stats report indicating a big jump in the number of murders in small towns across America. While overall crime went down slightly last year, murders in towns of under 10,000 people spiked 18.3%.  –from Joel Rosenberg’s “Flashtraffic” Newsletter

I purchased and am reading Implosion. I just downloaded it on my Kindle. I KNOW it will be good. It’s a little pricey. Perhaps the publisher (Tyndale House) is trying to encourage readers to purchase the hardcover.

Usually Kindle books are under $10. This one is $14.84. And you can buy the hardcover version NEW for $14.99, only a few cents more. What are they thinking? I’m trying not to let that take away from the important premise of Implosion. I see it coming and have tried to alert people to be ready by knowing that they are right with our Father-God. My heart longs for a nation that honors Christ. That has seldom been the case. At least during the Great Awakenings, a wave of hunger for God abounded. But can that happen for this reprobate nation? I waver in my hope. I KNOW God can move, I just don’t believe His Justice will allow it this time. Otherwise, He’d have to clear Sodom & Gomorrah.

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