Killing Me with Kindness

A baby at 25 weeks, delivered early.

Account of an unborn baby girl, 25 weeks old, fully formed in her mother’s womb, tries to communicate with a Planned Parenthood counselor (this is a parable):

“I don’t know you. Do you know me? Do you see me?  Can you see my hands and feet, my eyes and ears, my reproductive organs that show you that I’m like you once were? A little girl. Please . . . tell me why you want to kill me.”

Why would you willingly plan my murder?

Why would you conspire to tear me from this safe, warm  place, to cut short my life and my potential? Do you hate me? Don’t you think that I would like to “choose” life?

I suppose you would say that you are being kind to my mother. But are you being kind to me? You think you are being compassionate and making a difference. But are you being compassionate on us babies? Are you making a difference for us?

Are you willing to murder me for money? Doesn’t that make you an assassin? Why would you conspire to commit such a horror? If I were born prematurely Doctors and nurses who are also kind and caring would struggle to save me. They would do everything in their power to give me life. They would cry if they failied. Doesn’t that make you think? Feel? Anything at all? Do you have a conscience? Has it been seared as you are planning to do with me? Has it been ripped from your mind?

Are you happy to murder me. Are you so desperate for work that you could receive money for tearing babies from life. What kind of person are you really? Kind? Please don’t kill me with your Kindness. Please don’t tear me from life because of your politics. Please give me the same chance YOU had.

I know God. He’s here with me in this warm place. He’s forming my inward parts. He’s placing in me his life and has a plan for my life. Do you hate him so much that you would work against him? And do you hate me so much that you would rob me of that relationship? Is this the legacy you are leaving your children? You grandchildren? Would you have torn them apart too if you had had the chance?

Or are you just viewing me as an “it” Haven’t you heard my little sisters cry out as they were burned, seared, chopped and hacked from their mothers? Not to mention all the boys too. Millions of us. To satisfy your “kindness?” Something’s terribly wrong.

You need to know that my mother’s being self-centered right now. She’s desperate because she didn’t use her right to choose before she had intercourse with my father. And my father is not being a man, because I’m his to rescue and save. Ask any father of a little girl if he would allow his little girl to be butchered out of kindness. Only the criminally  insane do that and are put away for child abuse. How is it that you walk free. Why aren’t you required to report your whereabouts to the community. They should know about you. They should know that you thrive, you live, you put food on your table through heinous child abuse and serial murder. And that you live right next door to normal people who love their children.

Of course your employers in this death factory are the most evil of all. For money and profit they devour America’s children. They are possessed by the demon god Molleck. I know. I have seen him barring his teeth at me when we walk through the doors of this “clinic.”

So as far as your kindness, I only wanted to say . . .

QUESTION: What if she had been given the chance to end her sentence? What might her voice have said?

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