When Will Doctors Really Heal?

deady-infections-indicator-worse-to-come.jpg.crop_displayMore people die of the supposed cure than from the disease. Think of all the commercials you’ve seen that have some drug that claims to treat a symptom/sickness. It shows how wonderful life will be once you get your doctor to prescribe their product (drug/medicine). Then comes the aweful   truth. _______ can also cause, stroke, heart attack, blindness, hallucinations in nursing mothers, hair loss, and chronic, choking cough.

My response has always been: “Honey, would you please write down the name of this drug so I can get my doctor to write me a prescription right away?”

Think about it:

The entire medical-industrial complex is set up to diagnose pathology . . . we spend nearly 20 percent of our gross national product on healthcare, yet we continually rank amongst the lowest of any Western country on all health indicators. We would do much better to focus on health and prevention rather than post-symptomatic diagnosis of diseases such as prostate problems.

–Dr. David Browstein

I get the sense that many doctors may want to heal their patients, but most doctors are simply pushers for the drug companies–either from honest ignorance, unquestioned compliance to their medical education, or from willful collaboration. And the drug companies can only stay in business if you and I remain chronically sick. Their bottom line is not helped if we don’t need our symptoms treated with their drugs because our doctors actually healed us of the need for them.

I wish I could be less cynical, but I’ve lived long enough, visited enough sick people in hospitals and officiated at enough gravesides that I can reliably conclude that the prescribed treatment of allopathic medicine (which is drug/medicine-based) is worse than the condition it seeks to mask.

What I’d like to call for is doctors who will be honest enough with themselves and others to care enough about their patients to not just mask symptoms, but to identify and treat causes in natural ways that do not further the fortunes of drug company executives and stockholders.

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  1. Randy Thompson | Reply

    Interesting point. In Europe, as I understand it, drug companies are not allowed to market their pills directly to the public at large, which I think is a good thing.

    However, you may be taking this a bit too far. I’m thinking now of several people I have known who were (are) bi-polar or schizophrenic, who live reasonably normal lives because their symptoms are neutralized or at least contained by their medications. Yes, there are side-effects and they can be unpleasant, but the good these medications have done far outweighs the bad. I’m thinking specifically of people who would either be dead by suicide (due to very severe bi-polar depression) or completely unable to function.

    Having said that, I am deeply annoyed by doctors who prescribe anti-depressants at the drop of a hat, without any sort of psychiatric evaluation or counseling.


    1. Well spoken Randy. My desire is to see doctors step out of the herd of post-healthy care into the place of preventative medicine. I’m grateful that some are. Integrative medicine is one such specialty. Doctors include nutrition, and a search for the underlying causes of disease, along with medicine in their practice.

      Some work with naturopaths and homeopathic doctors. The best in these fields has rejected simply masking symptoms or prolonging life a couple of years. They want to address the underlying causes and HEAL the person.

      That seems to me to be the best of both worlds. I do agree with you, regarding the help meds can be to a person who is navigating a challenging season in their life or is exhibiting dangerous behavior. But I’d rather see that person healed than settle for a life of drug therapy, because the doctors can’t find a solution.


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