Religious Freedom vs. LGBT Rights? It’s More Complicated

Religious Freedom vs. LGBT Rights? It’s More Complicated | Christianity TodayBusinesspeople Cooperation.

I’m really interested in the response of my readers.

Please read the above article which appeared in Christianity Today this week. Then, instead of commenting on the article on the CT site, come back here to this post and comment. Thanks.

QUESTION: What strikes you as helpful or problematic in the article?

One response

  1. Though I don’t want to read into the article in CT, I do not understand how even pluralism can exist without laws and limits. I realize that morality cannot be legislated: this includes tolerance, live-and-let-live, acceptance of extreme divergent views, love, hate, etc. However, without limitations on human behavior, could not true pluralism possibly end in more rampant child abuse, rape, murder, theft, extortion, blackmail, etc. because, in some minds, there will always be a “good reason” for commiting such acts; and some who will feel that what they are doing is “not really wrong – it’s just the way I am” or “that person deserved such treatment” or “the child was more than willing to engage in sex”, etc. There has to be “true truth” and absolutes in human relationships that form a stable society – for such is the underlying structure of the universe. Thus was the earth and every life form on it created, and through the paramaters established by the Creator has it all held together this far.


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