Death and Democrats: Consider This

This is what I would have written. Best said by Bill.

One response

  1. I wouldn’t so much blame politics as I would blame those who grew up between the 1960’s and 1980’s. As many pro-community, pro-family theorists have stated that these were arguably two of the largest decades of individualism in American history. It was a time in which American youth and young adults were looking to be free from obligation, family, and embraced a hedonistic vision of love. It was during this period that divorce rates skyrocketed. It was during this period that abortion became a reality, and it was during this period that it became acceptable to openly engage in different vices. We shouldn’t blame politics for what happened during this era. We should blame what caused the political climate. In this respect we ought to consider that those during the 1960’s to 1980’s fought for “freedom and love,” but instead created a moral decay and ruptured the fiber of the family. This is not meant to be critical of all people from that time period, as I know a good deal of them who do prioritize family. However, it’s important to understand that it was the heart of society at that time, not politics, caused our condition. Yet, there is reason for hope in the future. The divorce rate has stabilized, and in many areas throughout America is actually on the decline. We’re also seeing encouraging signs in the fact that more millennials are pro-life than past two generations. Furthermore, we’ve seen hope that America may have the potential to move towards the communitarian principles upon which it came to be by, but this is merely a cautious hope. All of this to say we should look to the heart of society instead of politics to realize where our ills come from. We even have a reasoned hope looking to the future, but there should be a careful approach to keep that path going.


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