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How to Prepare for Your Future; Be a Positive Person of Influence

YOUR FUTURE Who can guess what tomorrow will bring? Every day awakens new challenges. Your future depends upon you. You must face the future boldly. Don’t cling to the past. Don’t fear the next obstacle. Don’t try to avoid the next encounter with people who make you uncomfortable or insecure. You can be a person […]

How To Form a Quality Book Club or Reading Group

This is unashamedly a “How to” post. How to form a “quality” book club or reading group. The adjective in this title is all important. It describes what kind of reading group you form. In my opinion, and since you have no possibility of redeeming wasted time, a quality book club is the only kind of reading […]

TVtastebuddies: How to Eat Sunflower Seeds

This is a little something that me, Roland, and Floyd decided to produce. We needed some humor in our lives and also wanted to try to learn more about YouTube and video production. So we decided to capitalize on something all three of us have experience with here’s the result: You may (or may not) […]

How to Write for a General Audience: A Review

Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen. How to Write for a General Audience: A Guide for Academics Who Want to Share Their Knowledge With the World and Have Fun Doing It.  New York: American Psychological Association (APA); 2007. 286 pages. $19.95 paper. $9.99 Kindle. If you’d like to improve in your writing, then you’ll really love Kathy Kendall-Tackett’s, How to Write for a […]

How to Love a Muslim

How can we reject Islam as the evil that it is, yet love Muslims? Our response as followers of Jesus must never be that of the world. We are not to be Muslim-bashers or hateful toward an entire group of people. We must not fall into Islam’s error–lumping all “Kafir” into the same basket. Nor should […]

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