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Do You Know LeeRoy the Garden Dog’s Story?

LeeRoy’s story will be new to many of my readers. So I want you to have fun reading from Episode One through all thirteen episodes.

Begin here and each episode has a link to the next one at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.

Be sure to go and “Like” him at his Facebook page. He loves new friends and he’ll keep you up to date on his gallivanting.

QUESTION: Do you like dogs? What kind.

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 16

[Read Episode 15 yet? Or you may want to begin at the beginning: Episode 1]

What? LeeRoy in Danger? Absolutely!!

So LeeRoy asked me to update his friends.

He’s been overly concerned these days about challengers to his territory. Apparently this group of about 5 Coyotes (pronounced Ky-OH-tees) have been showing up in our second field at between 9-10PM every night for the past week or so. They look lean, mean, and hungry.

One comes out into the garden baiting LeeRoy. The pack’s glowing eyes can be seen in the opening from our first into our second field when we shine our car’s headlights there. SO . . .

The alpha coyote comes into LeeRoy’s garden (Remember: LeeRoy the Garden Dog). He immediately gets LeeRoys attention. LeeRoy starts barking like crazy. LeeRoy’s bark is scary too–really low and loud! The coyote turns to run so that LeeRoy will run after him to the second field–where the pack stands ready to attack him. BUT . . .

They don’t know LeeRoy. They underestimate his cowardice. He is extremely afraid of other dogs (yes, even girl dogs) so he won’t give chase, he simply moves away from the garden closer to the house. Barking over his shoulder. The closer he moves to the house, the more he barks (as though he’s really tough). The lead coyote is baffled, but keeps trying to bait LeeRoy by running at him and then turning with his tail between his legs when LeeRoy barks at him.

Last night, Cheryl–who lives with us–tells me that her headlights are on the pack. So I grab my gun (pellet) and take a shot at the gang. The noise of the gun going off (I was surprised how loud the pellet gun sounded. I think a .22 would have been quieter.) scares LeeRoy. So LeeRoy runs away from me right toward where the gang is laying in ambush. We all start calling, and whistling for LeeRoy to come back. I hide the gun behind my back.

Cheryl goes down, grabs his bowl and starts clanging it with a spoon as she shovels food into it and hollers for LeeRoy. Luke–who also lives with us–calls for LeeRoy too.

LeeRoy stops just short of where they’re hiding and heads back a little and sits to see what all the noise is about at his food bowl. Every once in awhile glancing over his shoulder at the opening in the field.

Meanwhile, the coyotes are pacing back and forth and the alpha coyote heads out of the garden, back toward where his gang is hiding. They’re frightened by all our shouting for LeeRoy. So we realized . . . we can’t get LeeRoy into the house. We can’t shoot at the coyotes or chase them with my machete or LeeRoy will think we’re after him. But that gang won’t give up. They’ll be back again tonight.

What’s the solution?

This is where you (or someone you know)come(s) in. If you have a solution, please comment here. If you know someone who has a solution, why not help LeeRoy by sending this post to them so they can respond to us? Thanks.

QUESTION: What do you think we should do to help/protect LeeRoy from this evil, hungry looking bunch? I’m opened, though I can’t speak for LeeRoy.

©2012, David C Alves

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 15

[Read Episode 14 yet?]

LeeRoy’s nemesis–the Squirrel–is back at it. He is raiding LeeRoy’s food. I often catch him in the act of sitting on LeeRoy’s bowl munching down LeeRoy’s little “Lamb & Rice” bits. I’m not sure he bothers with the hot dogs, but can’t be sure. I think if he was snarfin’ the hot dogs, LeeRoy would be having a fit and sending him on his way. Fortunately, Squirrel can’t eat much. So there’s still plenty for LeeRoy. Especially since last week. Here’s why.

The folks at the SPCA said that they were really wondering about how LeeRoy did during the winter. I told them he came through fine and that they could catch up and keep tabs by subscribing to LeeRoy’s facebook page and these episodes of “The LeeRoy Sagas.” So, they’ve been tuning in.

Anyhow, they dropped off 67 pounds of dog food for LR and he’s lovin it. He’s taken to hiding in a different part of the field now though. When he wants to keep a low profile, he’s now way at the back in the tree line. I’m not sure what the deal is with that . . . it’s weird, but . . . that’s LR. What can I say?

During the sunny mornings, he’s dead center in the garden, laying full out in the sun. Man what a life! Then he lays on his back, belly and paws up for awhile.

When it rains, he’s usually laid out in his shanty. Although a couple of times I’ve noticed him sitting errect in the garden just staring at the house in the pouring rain. I usually call Marcy’s attention to it. “Hey . . . look at this guy. He’s just sitting there in the pouring rain. Staring at the house.” Last time I went down and called him from the back door, but he just watched me until I finally gave up, closed the door, and went inside to write another episode.

There you have it.

Go to Episode 16.

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 14

[Have you read Episode 13 yet?]

So . . . LeeRoy is now back in the garden. Yes . . . all the snow is melted, the brown ground and fields are soggy but clear and LeeRoy is Lord of the garden plot again. He seems VERY happy. He loves the birds’ singing. He watches the deer and turkey that come through. He only chases varmints (opossums, raccoon, and  squirrels that get too close to his shanty).

He’s posing for pictures again. That’s why we have such a nice one for this post.

I’m hoping those of you who follow LeeRoy will ask some questions which I will be happy to answer in subsequent posts. Leave your comments. Don’t be afraid. I sometimes read them to LeeRoy. Or you could leave them for him directly at his blog on Facebook.

So LeeRoy is considering what Wayne said about him at He’s wondering if he’s missing something in life. He’s coming in a little closer. And he seems to be open to new foods. So perhaps progress. He’s communicating a little more on his blog too. He was pretty quiet during the cold months. Sometimes it got as cold as -10F, but he seemed to do fine. He did not like the freezing rain or mixed precip that came in March. But snow didn’t seem to bother him. He moved his straw around in the shanty and pushed it out onto the clearing he made near it after every storm. We tried to keep him comfortable by replacing straw and fluffing it up for him.

His friend Paul came most every day with some treats and just to visit. LeeRoy takes to Paul. And Luke feeds him every morning and evening like clockwork. He also made sure that the ice was broken and skimmed off LeeRoy’s bucket.

But now all that’s behind LeeRoy and he’s looking forward to the spring and summer in Penacook, NH on his own little plot of earth. And to the tilling of the garden where he can once again be King of the Cabbages.

What do you think? Does he have the life or what?

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 13

Wow! It’s been a long time since Episode 12. [By the way, if you’re NEW here, you might want to begin with Episode 1.

A lot has happened.

LeeRoy made it through another COLD and snowy winter. He’s doing really well. He looks alert and enjoys the back field. He barks all night and sleeps all day. His shanty has been his number one place of repose. Although he does like to lie on his back in the snow and lift his paws to the warm sun. He loves sitting about 150 feet from the back of the house–in the middle of our field–and staring at the house. He surveys the windows to see if we’re watching. He also keeps his eye on the french doors on the deck to see if we’re going to come out and talk to him.

Every morning I go out and greet him. And from a distance he makes some unintelligible sounds. Sits and stares for awhile. Then saunters off into the woods or back to his places in or around his shanty.

We have a couple of folks who bring him treats on a regular basis. He is beginning to trust them. I can feed him from my hand still, but he will not let me move that hand without running away. I cannot yet pet him.

He LOVES hot dogs (turkey and beef). LOVES pig ears too. On my recent visit to the SPCA to get him some meds to put in his food, they said that they might be able to supply Marcy and me with some dog food for him. Couldn’t come at a better time (financially–affording gas is a killer isn’t it?).

Did you know that:

  • LeeRoy’s real name is “Levi?” It’s on his papers (don’t ask me how a rescue dog has papers, but that’s what the SPCA tells me).
  • LeeRoy has taken to barking at his food. That’s right!  Weird. We put the food in his bowl. After a few minutes of us being safely away in the house, he goes to his bowl and stands over it, looks in, smells it. barks a few times in different directions, then eats some. I say some because he has taken to grazing (as opposed to his usual gulping).
  • LR is also big on deer watching. He doesn’t bark at the deer or turkeys–just at the fox and opossums. He’s very selective in his admonitions.

Wayne Jacobsen says that LeeRoy may become semi-famous. Yes, he is featured on this week. The podcast is entitled: “The God Who Whispers”. You might want to hear about him. Wayne saw some similarities in LeeRoy that he sees in people who want to live loved but are afraid to enter that affection. You may want to sign up for the feed. Well . . . more to come in a few.

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