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The LeeRoy Sagas–Episode 12

(continued from: The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 11″

Remember that I was having trouble with LeeRoy’s water dish freezing up every night? Each morning I had to bring it in from outside and run hot water in it to unfreeze it. So, I went to the local pet store with a friend and we bought LeeRoy a beautiful new feed and watering station. The water bowl is heated and during spring and summer a hose can be attached and keep the water level full. So I brought the new FS (feeding station) home. I cleaned it out. Then I filled it with food. You guess . . . Did LeeRoy love it? NOT!  He wouldn’t eat from it. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t even get near it. I had to leave a trail of food right up to it, but as of two days later, he was still not eating from it. I figured he’d get hungry enough at some point to get a clue and over come his unreasonable fear. Aren’t people like this some times? God wants to bless them with all kinds of blessings, but because something else happened in their lives, they don’t want to get close or let him get close. So they go through life missing all that He would generously lavish on them–including his love and entrance into His house. Well . . . That’s LeeRoy.  Living a life of fear. What a shame.


Last month it was 4 degrees several days in a row. LeeRoy came through. So I’m not as worried about him as I was at the beginning of November when the cold air started to settle in. At least I see his thick coat and realize that he’s built for this weather. LeeRoy decided both to use his new feeding station AND bed down IN his shanty. But it took snow. We had a snow that drove him from sleeping in front of the shanty to getting in. Then a couple of rains a few weeks ago. From then on, he has enjoyed being under a roof.


Still eating from my hand, but I’m unable to pet him or make him stay close. I heard from Ryan, who talked with Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) about LeeRoy. Ryan took some video footage of LeeRoy to Cesar when he came to Boston. Her goal was to get Cesar to give some suggestions. According to her, he suggested that LeeRoy needs to be captured by tranquilizer gun. We don’t feel good about that. What do you think?


Next episode, we learn LeeRoy’s REAL name according to his papers, how he’s been doing over these many months, and something more . . .


GO TO Episode 13

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 11

11 :

(continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode



As you can see in
the photo, LeeRoy has a new place we call "LeeRoy’s Shanty." Thanks
to Paul L and Paul N, the latter building it and the former supplying the wood,
LeeRoy does not have to sleep in the sleet, snow, or rain anymore. Now the only
question remains, will he GO INTO the shanty.


As it is, he sleeps
IN FRONT of it in some straw I spread around just to attract him. We weren’t
sure how he was going to react when Paul and I placed it next to his trail into
the woods. But LeeRoy took to the new straw right away. It’s been really cold
here too. I believe the lowest temp so far has been 9 F. He has been walking
very slowly these days. Even when I call him for his food, he sometimes won’t
leave his little nest. I think that he cut the pads of his feet on the ice
between the field and the house because he is often limping.


Question is, will
he go into the shanty? We have given up hope of him becoming an indoor dog. He
is no further along than he was back in July. He doesn’t even take food from my
hand anymore. So I’m not sure what’s going on with him.


We found out that
LeeRoy is an Akita Inu mix. Akitas are Japanese dogs. Usually very human
friendly (when properly socialized) and usually good house pets, though very
independent. Here is some advice that an Akita breeder gave for LeeRoy.


 . . . the very thing that strikes fear in his heart
is to be caged/contained again.  To put him back in the shelter is what he
is working so hard to avoid. He very much values his freedom. 


It took me 3 mos to get my Akita into the house.  He only had the
space of a small yard but stayed in the far corner.  Finally after lots of
interaction, coaxing, hand feeding my son picked him up and carried him into
the living room.  It took 4 years to get him secure enough to walk to the
office. Now he goes into most rooms in the house.  He’s been here 10


LeeRoy needs water so there must be some way  . . . to provide him a bowl that starts
warm, stays warm & can be placed in the sun.  If you can get him
into a smaller area & more contained, it will be easier to take care of
him.  I think he’d rather die of the elements than be caged again. 


I’m hoping to see
him at least make use of the Shanty. But it may take a major snow storm to
motivate him to go inside instead of just laying his head on the platform. So
what do YOU think? Should we just resolve to let him stay outside? Or should we
have them dart him and bring him in? Leave a comment or write me on Facebook
(David C Alves NH) and I’ll include your comment in Episode 12.


Episode 12.  What will my readers

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 10


(continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 9":



So . . . haven’t
written an update on LeeRoy lately because there’s not much new to report. Except
that last week I went to the Barn Store and bought a bail of straw–beautiful,
golden straw. I took it home and followed LeeRoy’s path out to his pine tree.
There I saw where he beds down and spread the entire bail of straw around the
base of the pine tree. Took some photos too, but it’s hard to see how nice it
looks in reality compared to the photos (but I might post them anyway).


Beth has been sick
so she wasn’t able to bring down the dog house. Still waiting. Meanwhile
LeeRoy’s friend, Paul, asked if he could bring some lumber over and build
LeeRoy a lean-to. I told him about the dog house so we’re going to wait and see
if LeeRoy will go into the dog house first. Or maybe we should build the
lean-to first and from there, in the more open and safe covering, he’d be more
willing to enter the dog house. Any thoughts?


So LeeRoy is very
happy about another new development that means more to him. I bought him a new
kind of treat which HE LOVES!! He runs from the woods. He’ll follow me
anywhere–EXCEPT into the house or any other enclosure. I bought a huge package
of Oscar Meyer Beef Hotdogs. He LOVES them! $7.98 for 6 packages of 6 in a case
at BJ’s. They last me a couple of weeks, because I just use them as treats. But
he’ll gobble them right from my hand. He doesn’t even bother to chew. If he
smells them, he comes. Marcy loves to see LeeRoy follow me around the property.
We have 6.8 acres here in lawn, field, and woods. LeeRoy goes everywhere as
long as I have treats in my little red pouch that I bought especially for those
walks around.


You’ve probably
already seen the videos he’s posted of himself eating. He actually likes
getting his picture taken or being filmed because he knows everyone will see
him on Facebook. I think he has a vain streak.


He’s still
unpredictable though. He’s NEVER aggressive. But you never know when he’s going
to be approachable or timid. He’s like a light switch. Off and on. On and off.
One day coming right up and feeding from my hand. Another day, unwilling to
come right up. He’ll bark awhile. Back off. Sit and then after I wait there
with him a while, he’ll slowly, cautiously approach. Who can figure?


Next week I’m
hoping to see progress. And I have to solve the water dish dilemma. His water
is frozen solid every morning. Any ideas?


Episode 11.
What will some of you recommend for which to provide first–lean-to or dog house? What should we do about his frozen water bowl?

The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 9


(continued from:
"The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 8":


LeeRoy has been out
in below freezing nights, but seems to be doing very well. He doesn’t mind
because he’s got on his thick winter coat. We learned last week that LeeRoy has
always lived outdoors. That’s why he’s
so shy of people. He’s never lived indoors with them. He lived outside on a
farm down south. So he gets nervous around too many people. Although, he’s
doing much better because he’s used to lots of people coming in and out of the
church office (which is in the bottom level of our house).


To calm him even
further, Ryan suggested that I try special drops in his food. Though she wasn’t
sure they’d work. We tried them for a week, but they don’t seem to work yet. So
we’ll try them for a few more and see if we notice any difference. The idea of
tranquilizing his is still an option, but we have to decide once he’s
tranquilized do we want him in the house or will he go back to the shelter?


This week he was a
little mad at me because I left him while Marcy and I spoke at the couples’
retreat in PA. A friend of ours fed him (but not treats). When we got home,
LeeRoy wouldn’t come at first. On the second day, when he smelled the warm
turkey dogs, he came running. He has been following me around every time I go
outside now.


I took some photos
of him in the back yard. And I took a short video of him waiting for his food
in the rain. He’s very patient. He likes the rain and often you can see him
sitting in the middle of the field when it rains. Sometimes he just likes to
lay in the field hay.


We’re looking
forward to Beth bringing his new Dog house. And LeeRoy’s friend Paul L, brought
him a pallet so that we can put it inside the BIG dog house and cover it with
hay. And we’ll try some kind of bed for him too. We’ll put lavender oil on the
bed. Actually under the bed (the scent would be too strong on top of the bed).
This is a trick I learned from Cesar. Lavender calms dogs. So we think it will
help LeeRoy to get a good night’s sleep. What do you think?


Hope you enjoy the
new photos of LeeRoy at his fan page on FB: LeeRoy

If anyone would like to write to
LeeRoy, I’m sure he’ll post those notes and letters on his fan page when he
gets around to it. Come on kids. I’m counting on you to let LeeRoy know you


Next week, I’m
hoping he’ll be in his new dog house. We’ll see.


Episode 10.
  Will LeeRoy get his new dog


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