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Don’t Wait too Long to Take Your Sabbatical

Trust me, if you wait too long to start your sabbatical, then you may just hear one (or more) of these twenty ways of saying a churchy goodbye. Instead, why not be proactive and read A Sabbatical Primer for Pastors: How to Initiate and Navigate a Spiritual Renewal Leave. 


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The Great Privilege and Obligation of Every Christian

From my book, We’re the ‘sons of God’: So What?

“Disciples of Jesus Christ have had a profound life-altering experience. They have encountered a supernatural personality, revealed in history as Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Messiah. And they have discovered the meaning and purpose of their lives in the subsequent revelation of his continuing presence to them. The experience demands a faithful, reliable witness.

What would public opinion say of a person who discovered the absolute cure for AIDS, but was unwilling to share that cure with a world that so desperately needs it? What if the antidote were kept hidden and made use of by only the discoverer and his family? We would consider it an moral outrage and he or she would be infamous. Why? We expect the cure to be shared, not only shared, but made available to all as soon as possible!”

― David C. AlvesWe’re the sons of God. . .So What?: Believe God About Who You Really Are!

Love a Pastor: Don’t Forget, October is Pastor Appreciation Month

This book was written to the churches to give church families insight into the role and needs of the pastors and their families. Buy it. Read it. Then communicate your care and love for the pastor God has given you.

Please share this with someone you know who also appreciates the gift of a caring pastor and his/her family. I hope it helps you find ways to return the love.

Pastor Appreciation Awareness–Here’s the Gift

A Sabbatical Primer for Churches

A Sabbatical Primer for Churches

Pastor Appreciation Month is almost through. One of the most opportune times to show your love and appreciation to the pastor and his/her family is the month of October’s “Pastor Appreciation” month. Many  congregations remember and honor their pastors with gifts and special recognition. One year our congregation gave Marcy and I a weekend in Oxford, Maine at a wonderful bed & breakfast in the mountains. And one of the elders brought that Word that Sunday.

However, some congregations are either unaware of “Pastor Appreciation” month, or they don’t understand why the pastor and his or her family deserve to be loved and honored in this way. That’s one of the reasons I wrote A Sabbatical Primer for Churches: How to Love and Honor the Pastor God Has Given You.

This book should be a gift to yourself FIRST. It opens the world of pastoral ministry and pastoral issues to the person who cares about the church and cares about those who sacrifice to lead the church (not just pastors). Most people don’t really have a clue what pastoral ministry is about. That’s not their fault. Most pastors don’t know what a bank teller has to do all day or what a plumber’s major concerns might be.

Only two ways to understand pastoral ministry. First, to live it. Or, second, to read about it. This books helps get you into the life of church leadership. That still won’t give you complete understanding, but it goes a long way past anything that I’ve found out there to at least get you somewhat oriented.

The primer for churches should be read by everyone who is a member of the body of Christ. And it should absolutely be read by every elder, deacon, church board member. So it makes a good gift for that person as well.

SABPRIMERCVRThen, purchase copies of A Sabbatical Primer for Pastors: How to Initiate and Navigate a Spiritual Renewal Leave to give to each on the pastoral staff or to the pastors you have come to care about or love. Or if your church is elder led, then give a copy to the lead elder. Both books are also available in the Kindle format and the Kindle Reader App is available FREE online.

Why not make this October a special month for whoever pastors you. Read the primer for churches and give the gift of the primer for pastors to your shepherds. That’s one way you can love and honor your pastor(s).

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