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How to Arrange Your Personal Library

You may want to first go and read my previous post in this series, “How to Build Your Personal Library.” OK, you’re on your way. You’ve decided on your plan. You’ve already got a nice core of 3 or more books on your favorite themes or topics. Now you are considering how you’ll place them […]

How to Build Your Personal Library

You’ve been kind of collecting books. They’re everywhere. You have shelves that will no longer hold books. So you have stacks—in the bedroom, in the living room, in the spare bedroom, in the dining room (which in our home I turned into our library). Books even grace the bathroom and a couple of closets. Your […]

Asleep in Seattle and Portland

Blessed are the peace makers. Peaceful protesting is an American right. No one objects to peaceful protesting. PEACEFUL!! But while we sleep, dangerous factions are at work in our cities and two cities in particular are in my thoughts today. I’ve been in both cities and have valued my time there. Past leaders made them […]

Preparing for Apostolic Ministry

How would someone, called to be an apostle, prepare for that ministry? Is there training for apostolic ministry? Where would you go? What might that training or preparation include? Most of those who have that calling, assignment, office, have had to receive their preparation by means other than traditional schooling or ministries. Please understand, it […]

Don’t Wait too Long to Take Your Sabbatical

Some pockets of Christianity use a different language to say what they really mean. Pastors who need sabbaticals don’t want to wait until it’s too late and hear one of these churchy phrases from the leadership or congregation.

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