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Self-destruct of Charlie Sheen?

Even though the majority of the human race recognizes that we’re each on a SPIRITUAL journey, have you ever noticed that we’re afraid of spiritual truth?

With the exclusive interview of Charlie Sheen on tap for broadcast on ABC tonight at 10PM, the news is full of his face and words. In my 61 years of life, thirty-four of which I spent working with people of all kinds and in various stages of soul-care, I view Charlie Sheen from a unique, seldom heard perspective. I am saddened and concerned that we are witnessing the self-destruct of a fellow human being. This is not a judgment on him nor is mine the last word on what is happening to him, but it is an informed opinion.

Charlie Sheen evinces many of the behaviors of a man in deep spiritual trouble. I am not qualified to speak of his psychological symptoms, which others claim, are present. Nor am I able to comment on his physical health (chemical or hormonal imbalances). What I can comment on is what may be the underlying causes of those symptoms. In my opinion, Sheen is experiencing demonic oppression. I’ve seen this on the mission field. Most especially in Brazil. I’ve seen it elsewhere where heavy drug use has opened a door in the psyche for access by dark spiritual forces.

Watch his movements. Listen to his words, often lacking in syntax and coherence, almost always self-aggrandizing, invincible. Notice the simmering anger, body language indicative of underlying rage. I plan on watching the interview tonight because I want to observe him more closely to see just how much access those spirits have to him. What I have yet to hear is religious talk. Almost all demoniacally oppressed people exhibit unusual religious behaviors or language at some point. Even Charlie Manson got to the place where he thought he was simultaneously Satan and Jesus Christ. I expect Sheen may end up saying something religious at some point in the interview, but whether he does or doesn’t, he exhibits many of the most obvious signs of demonic oppression that I’ve studied or seen in action.

To explain Sheen’s behavior as “manic,” which I heard in a news report last night, is to say nothing more than “we know that something’s out of balance and this is why.” To explain abnormal behavior by saying that someone’s chemistry has caused that behavior is to explain the behavior, but not the cause of the chemical change itself. Biological changes can occur by a spiritual catalyst. What I’m answering is the “how” and “why.”

Chemicals as a doorway to the spirit is nothing new. Native Americans will tell you how real this is. So will shamans of various cults and occult communities.

What Charlie Sheen needs is not more money from CBS. What he needs is faithful friends who can recognize demonic interference and know how to pray and function in deliverance ministry.

QUESTION: Do you think psychology and medicine hold the only solutions for those who manifest serious behavioral symptoms, or is there a spiritual aspect we Westerners have ruled out?

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