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ISIS is not Coming; ISIS is HERE–What to Expect

This video trailer of Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning, summarizes how Islam’s strategy will dominate your country. Like it or not, you will be affected, your children will be affected, your grandchildren will be affected–husbands and wives, sons and daughters, no one will be unaffected.

I was affected over a decade ago, since my step-brother flew into the North Tower of the world-trade center on American, Flight 11. My mom said to him that morning, “Do you have to go? Couldn’t you stay one more day?” He said “No Betty. I really have business I need to take care of.” Several hours later . . . his business was left undone. That was many years ago. Then we had little idea of what Islam was capable of. Ask anyone who lives near a “no-go zone” in UK if YOU and your family will remain unaffected by Islam or ISIS because you live “safely” in the U.S.

Only the uninformed or the most spiritually and intellectually obtuse do not recognize the truth and the danger. We are almost at the point of no return. I spent all day Saturday with Walid Shoebat. We invited him to inform us. He knows from the inside what Islam’s agenda is. And they are not shy about announcing it. Watch this video. Study on your own to see what’s ahead.

For more on the agenda and strategy of Apocalyptic Islam, find my search field on the right and search for more on “Islam”

Awlaki: Terrorist Murderer Dead, Where’s the Truth?

Some may believe that by killing off the snakes, we won’t get bit anymore. The problem is that snakes like Osama Bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki are the ones you SEE. They’re right in the middle of the path. More dangerous are the hundreds of others that you don’t see or WON’T choose to see. The American News Media has its head in the sand or is sand-bagging; I’m not sure which.

None of them are interested in following the money and following the real hate. A clear path leads into the snake dens of hundreds of U.S. Mosques and  Islamic terrorist front-organizations like CAIR. I’ve NEVER seen ABC (see ABC’s Islamophobia) or CBS run a story that shows these organizations for what they really are. Where’s Frontline?

I’ve never seen them interview Wafa Sultan who can lead them to important stories about the real agenda of jihadists. I’ve never seen them get onto the trail of Islamic hatred and report on that! They’d be off and running if anyone had a Tea Party scoop. Where’s the objectivity? Where’s the guts to get beyond their obvious biases and get honest about the atrocities and human rights violations of these MUSLIM nations and people groups?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And our American News media can’t even smell the smoke, never mind locate the fire. I prefer my news straight up and honest. No marinating it in “tolerance” “political correctness” “cultural sensitivity” and all the other post-modern filters. Real journalists need to learn to sidestep the accusations of “bigotry” leveled at anyone who disagrees with a movement or policy. History must stand appalled at this subterfuge!

HERE IT IS STRAIGHT UP: Islam is the ONLY religion in modern society that has as its aim the death and destruction of innocent people who do not agree with its distinctives and practices. Anwar al-Awlaki is a Muslim Terrorist who planned and executed the mass murders of many of his countrymen–including women and children. He deserves no respect and no sympathy. He empowered mass murder because that’s what Islam requires of its non-believers. Along with Ahmadinejad, they are the faces of true Islam and its Qu’ran-inspired end times agenda. He is the snake we saw. What about those who are hiding, using our own freedoms and tolerance against us?

What next? Follow the money. Follow the human rights violations. Tell the truth about jihadists worldwide and renounce doublespeak. Name it for what it is!

©2011, David C Alves

Jihad and Politically Correct Media

Today, I witnessed the most ridiculous display of news media political correctness I’ve EVER encountered in my long life as a U. S. citizen. One can only wonder how deeply buried in the sand are the heads of the pluralistic producers of the  mainstream media. Either that, or they have never studied Islam and are ignorant of its documents and violent history.

In the wake of the foiled terror plot of a 26-year old Muslim man from Ashland, MA who planned to attack our Pentagon and US Capital buildings, one such TV news organization issued a disclaimer. They said something to the effect that they wanted to emphasize that their story  in no way singled out “any particular ethnic or religious group.”


The guy was acting on behalf of al-Qaida. Is that group an eclectic gathering of universal cumbyahists? Have you ever heard of Buddhists trying to blow up our U.S. Capital? What about Hindus? Have they been continually trying to destroy the United States and institute Hindu laws? What other religious group is behind Jihad? The Moonies?

I feel like shouting John Stossel’s . . . GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!

Let’s settle this once and for all. Al-Qaida is an ISLAMIC group. They are MUSLIMS, not Taoists. Radical Muslims blow up buildings and kill innocent civilians. NO OTHER RELIGIOUS GROUP has as its mantra “Jihad.” “Death to America!”

NO OTHER RELIGIOUS GROUP invites young people to destroy themselves. To kill themselves. They deserve no such tolerance or deference.

Let’s not sugar-coat this and bury our collective heads in the sand. Not all Muslims are responsible for the acts of a minority, but all Muslims are involved.

Their religion and its founder are the source of countless murders, deceptions, and intrigues. No other religion has as its goal a one world religion to subjugate free peoples EVERYWHERE. The Muslims who disagree, either are insincere, duplicitous or ignorant of their documents, teachers, and history. If they are “peaceful” Muslims, then what actions are they willing to take to prove that they renounce or despise this kind of behavior on the part of fellow Muslims?

Politically Correct News Outlets . . .  WAKE UP!!!!!

Usama Bin Laden Dead – Implications

With the death of Usama Bin Laden verified, the U.S. State Department has just announced the need for Americans traveling abroad to be very careful and alert. This is only one effect of the recent successful U.S. mission to close the book on Bin Laden.

Bin Laden’s death carries with it implications. Some might be:

  • Increased intensity of radical behavior. Now they have a martyr.
  • A new, more deadly leader may yet emerge.
  • Some will think that this is the end of radical jihad. NOT SO!! Jihad is deeply ingrained in the character and religion of the radicals of Islam.
  • The success of the mission will encourage U.S. troops and raise morale worldwide.
  • The mortality of Bin Laden may send a message to those who idolized him. If he can be hunted down and killed . . . so can they.
  • This will definitely help President Obama’s reelection campaign.

The president made the point that we remember that Bin Laden did not represent Islam. He was not a martyr. He was a mass murderer of Muslims.

What do YOU see as possible implications of the assassination of Bin Laden? Do you agree?

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