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The Third Jihad: Essential Viewing if you Love Freedom

The Third Jihad.

Where are the Peaceful Muslims who love and value the freedom they enjoy in the United States? Many more should be standing with Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser. I respect, admire, and appreciate his voice and courage. American Evangelicals need to know about him and the brave stand he is taking to defeat evil and uphold Truth.

And where again is the American Media? Heads still in the sand?

Jihad and Politically Correct Media

Today, I witnessed the most ridiculous display of news media political correctness I’ve EVER encountered in my long life as a U. S. citizen. One can only wonder how deeply buried in the sand are the heads of the pluralistic producers of the  mainstream media. Either that, or they have never studied Islam and are ignorant of its documents and violent history.

In the wake of the foiled terror plot of a 26-year old Muslim man from Ashland, MA who planned to attack our Pentagon and US Capital buildings, one such TV news organization issued a disclaimer. They said something to the effect that they wanted to emphasize that their story  in no way singled out “any particular ethnic or religious group.”


The guy was acting on behalf of al-Qaida. Is that group an eclectic gathering of universal cumbyahists? Have you ever heard of Buddhists trying to blow up our U.S. Capital? What about Hindus? Have they been continually trying to destroy the United States and institute Hindu laws? What other religious group is behind Jihad? The Moonies?

I feel like shouting John Stossel’s . . . GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!

Let’s settle this once and for all. Al-Qaida is an ISLAMIC group. They are MUSLIMS, not Taoists. Radical Muslims blow up buildings and kill innocent civilians. NO OTHER RELIGIOUS GROUP has as its mantra “Jihad.” “Death to America!”

NO OTHER RELIGIOUS GROUP invites young people to destroy themselves. To kill themselves. They deserve no such tolerance or deference.

Let’s not sugar-coat this and bury our collective heads in the sand. Not all Muslims are responsible for the acts of a minority, but all Muslims are involved.

Their religion and its founder are the source of countless murders, deceptions, and intrigues. No other religion has as its goal a one world religion to subjugate free peoples EVERYWHERE. The Muslims who disagree, either are insincere, duplicitous or ignorant of their documents, teachers, and history. If they are “peaceful” Muslims, then what actions are they willing to take to prove that they renounce or despise this kind of behavior on the part of fellow Muslims?

Politically Correct News Outlets . . .  WAKE UP!!!!!

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