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The Last Book Sale by Larry McMurtry | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books

Larry McMurtry at "Booked Up"

Larry McMurtry at “Booked Up”  SOURCE: NYR blog post.

The Last Book Sale by Larry McMurtry | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books.

McMurtry’s lucid writing style always blows me away. I can like the writing without necessarily embracing the prickliness of the author. He’s  blunt and curt. For all this, his love of books and writing resonates with my own. And I’m not mad at him, even though he told me he wouldn’t sign my first edition, hardcover copy of Lonesome Dove–my all-time favorite book and mini-series on Blu-ray. Apparently, he lives in several places and doesn’t interact with his readers anymore. I’m sure he must get exhausted having lost  his anonymity. Now he has to vigorously guard his solitude and writing time.

I was in Archer City, TX at “Booked up,” only not during the book sale. I dragged my wife and a publisher-friend and her husband there on an overnight outing from Amarillo. We spent far more time there than either my wife or our friends had imagined we would. Yes, I’m still married. Yes, they’re still our friends. Only no one will go with me to” The Brattle Bookshop” in downtown Boston.

I bought a “rare” book on my way out of store 1. The title was: Captain Lee Hall of Texas, by Dora Neill Raymond, with illustrations by Louis Lundean and Frederic Remington. I fancy it may have been the book upon which McMurtry based Captain Woodrow F. Call, I’m not sure. I’ve yet to read it past chapter one (though I’ve examined all of Remington’s drawings). I’ll get there though because I’m intrigued by real Texas Rangers ranging a lawless land–always have been from my earliest boy years.

I re-posted McMurty’s NYR post about the massive book sale for you because you’ll be enriched to hear the heart (and mind) of an old book-lover (bibliophile). And I hope it satisfies your  love of books and their authors–who are mostly bibliophiles like the rest of us who enthusiastically write and read. McMurtry gives his perspective on how the sale went and how books continue to both lose ground and gain new enthusiasts.

I’m confident that you’ll enjoy his Texas Big-style of book collecting, keenness in the use of language,  and perhaps “Booked Up” will become a new “must see” place on your Bucket List.

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