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The LeeRoy Sagas–Episode 12

(continued from: The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 11″

Remember that I was having trouble with LeeRoy’s water dish freezing up every night? Each morning I had to bring it in from outside and run hot water in it to unfreeze it. So, I went to the local pet store with a friend and we bought LeeRoy a beautiful new feed and watering station. The water bowl is heated and during spring and summer a hose can be attached and keep the water level full. So I brought the new FS (feeding station) home. I cleaned it out. Then I filled it with food. You guess . . . Did LeeRoy love it? NOT!  He wouldn’t eat from it. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t even get near it. I had to leave a trail of food right up to it, but as of two days later, he was still not eating from it. I figured he’d get hungry enough at some point to get a clue and over come his unreasonable fear. Aren’t people like this some times? God wants to bless them with all kinds of blessings, but because something else happened in their lives, they don’t want to get close or let him get close. So they go through life missing all that He would generously lavish on them–including his love and entrance into His house. Well . . . That’s LeeRoy.  Living a life of fear. What a shame.


Last month it was 4 degrees several days in a row. LeeRoy came through. So I’m not as worried about him as I was at the beginning of November when the cold air started to settle in. At least I see his thick coat and realize that he’s built for this weather. LeeRoy decided both to use his new feeding station AND bed down IN his shanty. But it took snow. We had a snow that drove him from sleeping in front of the shanty to getting in. Then a couple of rains a few weeks ago. From then on, he has enjoyed being under a roof.


Still eating from my hand, but I’m unable to pet him or make him stay close. I heard from Ryan, who talked with Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) about LeeRoy. Ryan took some video footage of LeeRoy to Cesar when he came to Boston. Her goal was to get Cesar to give some suggestions. According to her, he suggested that LeeRoy needs to be captured by tranquilizer gun. We don’t feel good about that. What do you think?


Next episode, we learn LeeRoy’s REAL name according to his papers, how he’s been doing over these many months, and something more . . .


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The LeeRoy Sagas – Episode 2

continued from: “The LeeRoy Sagas, Episode 1

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed Episode 1. If you haven’t read it yet. You might want to start there. Then return here.

In the morning, the cage was empty. Surprise, surprise! Of course. What self-respecting dog would go into a cage with a spring-loaded door just to get some dog food. LeeRoy was too smart for that. Instead, he lay not ten feet from the door. Every once in a while he would walk the circumference, dragging his 8 foot brown leather leash beneath him, sniffing his blanket or the food through the wire mesh. No way would he go under the door that hung over the opening.

He did this every day. And every day the women came and tried to coral
LeeRoy. They chased him through woods and fields, calling for him. But they never could get close. He was always way out in front, leash flapping in the wind beside him. All the neighbors had seen the elusive dog dragging his leash. The police had been called. They couldn’t catch him. No one could. And every day after all the possies had tried to capture him, he would wander back into our garden and plant himself for the night.

Several days of this. Cold nights with frost. LeeRoy’s ribs began to
show so I offered him hotdogs. He loved them as long as I didn’t come with them. So I had to throw them at least twenty yards from me in order for him to come. Of course, I tried to lure him into his cage with a trail of hotdogs. He ate the trail right up to below the trap door. Then he laid down. He would not go in and get the couple of hot dogs I had placed in his bowl in the trap. Then I fed him hamburgers. He loved those too. Marcy didn’t though. “Are you feeding that dog our hamburgers? Do you know how much that costs?” I didn’t. So I went to BJ’s and bought 50 pounds of Dog food. And $15 worth of treats. After a few days, his ribs stopped showing.

Then I tried a new strategy.

How will LeeRoy react? GO TO Episode 3.

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