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Top 5 Posts of the Past Year

According to my “site stats,” the following are the top 5 posts of the year as far as reads. The number to the right is the number of people who visited the post. No way of knowing how much they read.

How I Use OneNote 2010 More stats 1,471
How to Build Your Personal Library More stats 583
Traditional Marriage: Hate Crime of Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A? More stats 514
The 8 Biggest Problems People Voice More stats 470
Steve Bartman–Whose Scapegoat? More stats 377

QUESTION: How many have you read?

Top Posts This Past Week

How I Use OneNote 2010

How to Build Your Personal Library 

What if You’re Not Who You Think You Are? 

The 8 Biggest Problems People Voice

Steve Bartman–Whose Scapegoat?

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