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Beautiful News: All in Him are “sons”

Oswald Chambers said:

If you cannot express yourself on any subject, struggle until you can. If you do not, someone will be the poorer all the days of his life.

And again,

Try to re-state to yourself what you implicitly feel to be God’s truth, and you give God a chance to pass it on to someone else through you.

Recently, I realized that in all the posts I’ve written and shared, I’ve never laid out clearly the “Beautiful News” of God’s Son as I understand it. If someone tried to invent a great movement or religion they could NEVER have come up with what God did.


The first son of God, Adam, abdicated his sonship for his own human desires. And just as God warned, he died spiritually in the day that his “eyes were opened” to good and evil (ethics–before that there was life with Father, evil had no home with the first humans). We all inherited Adam’s humanness including a dead spirit. SO . . . how did God bridge the gap? Someone put it this way:

“The Son of God became the Son of Man, so that the sons of men could become the sons of God.”

To meditate on this for even a few minutes is to lift your mind (and heart, if you are sensitive) into a truth that–for centuries before the coming of Chirst, the Messiah–could never have been foreseen apart from divine intervention. Because of His great love for us (even before we were born), God reconciles us ALL to Himself. He has a masterpiece destiny awaiting us that through the Son and us, brings in the Royal reign of Kingdom of God upon the earth. That He would give us His Son to take upon Himself OUR shattered, darkened humanness is unfathomable . . . but TRUE! And when he births that new spirit in us (theological term “regenerates” us), and gives us the inner will and means to walk by His Holy Spirit, we become “sons of God.” We become royalty. Personally I believe this is what is behind the human facination regarding the royal wedding (see this theme developed in Truth Behind the Royal Wedding).


The BAD NEWS precedes the Beautiful News and can be bullet-pointed as following:

  • Human beings gave up their immortality and died spiritually through listening to their own desires. We are their descendants.
  • Our self-directed, narcissitic lives have separated us from God. Now an impassable divide lays before us.
  • We are forever separated from a loving Creator and are mortal (immortality is humanly unreachable; only those in Christ have immortality).
  • This results in us pursuing emptiness. We always want and never have enough . . . of anything! (this is called lust; it’s at the core of our nature).
  • We lust for food, sex, money, power, and esteem. All these are attempts to fill the inner void that was meant to house a living spirit.
  • We grow full of pride over what we have and have done.
  • We live this life until every one of us–rich or poor, high or low, religious or atheist–must face the end: DEATH. NO ONE escapes! All die and take nothing from this life, no thoughts, no memory, no life . . . NOTHING!
  • We lay in death in the presence of God and we have no discernible being. Until . . .


The “Beautiful News” can be bullet-pointed as following:

  • We have been given the opportunity of an eternity–immortality restored!
  • Messiah, Jesus, came and gave himself to bridge the divide and take into Himself all that separated us from God (He became SIN for us).
  • He gave Himself to death, so that we could enter LIFE! . . . IF we would embrace, as precious, the Gift of the Father’s love for us. We do this by renouncing our self-directed lives–our me-centered lust and pride–by accepting His Son’s sacrificial love.This change of heart and mind, will turn us from our self-directed lives and give ourselves to the Love that is enthroned over the Universe–the Living God.
  • He, in turn, by His great power, raises our dead spirits to life (now, in this life). And we become the “sons of God.” (we NEVER become or were angels. Angels are a different order of being. They exist to serve God and us, as God directs.)
  • At the end of our lives, we die; but . . . the sons of God await the Resurrection of Jesus. Then we receive our new bodies–bodies made for interdimentional life in hyper-time here in the New Earth and New Heavens. The creation awaits this revelation of the sons of God.
  • We are seated with and reign with Messiah, Jesus both now (where we are learning the interdimentional aspects of our sonship-reign) and in the New Earth–where we will judge angels.

Those who believe that Jesus came lived, died, was raised again to life opening the way for us into the Kingdom, are given the right to become the “sons of God.” We become sons by the love, grace, and power of God. It is not something that we can evolve into or do for ourselves through religious rituals or behaviors (see Why I Despise “Religion“). That way has been blocked so that no one can boast before God that they were “good enough” or “religious enough” to save themselves.

The rescue was ALL–from beginning to end–of Him. He worked salvation for all of us who would respond to and value His love when we saw it displayed in the life, death, and resurrection of the Father’s Unique Son.


(This is the “So What?” part in the title of my book–We’re the ‘sons of God’ . . . So What?)  HERE IT IS:

YOU, yes YOU are invited to receive the gift of immortality and new life in Christ. That’s why our healing community of brothers and sisters in Christ is named, New Life Fellowship. You need only seek and ask. All who call upon the name of the Lord, Jesus will be saved.

The SAD part–Jesus said that few do. People want to work their own salvation . . . or better yet . . . deny they even need it. They will suffer the loss of everything in the end and ultimately will pass into the Lake of Fire and be destroyed (NOTE: The Father of Jesus and his family of sons and daughters never created the Lake of Fire for people. He created it for the demonic and the Accuser. Rather ME-centered, pleasure-centered people choose that destiny rather than submit themselves to the Father of the Kingdom of Love.) Whether the Lake of Fire is a  metaphor or literal location is not the point here, entrance there will be no less terrifying to those who have chosen to reject Christ, the Father and His Kingdom.

The “Beautiful News” is that YOU were destined by God for sonship–to share in His Kingdom. Will you respond to His love for you? Will you accept the offer he makes of peace between you and Him? I agree with His Spirit when I say to you, “Come.” Return to the Father of your soul and live. By His goodness, take up your masterpiece destiny.

©2011, David C Alves

Hope for my Readers

While writing my book, We’re the “sons of God” . . . So What?, several motivators kept me going through the years. Some of those I share in the “Preface” of the book. But I wanted to go beyond the preface to share additional inspirations for persevering in the work.

First, I sincerely believe what I’ve written. At the core of my being, I am convinced of these biblical truths. I really believe that the Father has illumined these truths for just this season of history for the body of Christ worldwide. Thus, I am being faithful to my conscience. I believe that the truths unveiled or examined in the book are powerful and have the potential to transform our earth-bound thinking in such a way as to promote spiritual maturity and formation to a significantly higher degree than we have settled for in many churches and fellowship groups. I have lived and taught these truths to the best of my ability. I have learned much about my shortcomings and God’s ways of transforming us by the renewing of our minds. Everything we need is there in scripture, but we don’t always see it clearly. Or we see it the way we’ve been taught to see it–through someone else’s theological prism. Not that I couldn’t be doing the same thing–offering my own prism; but, given the signs of the times, what’s happening in the Middle East, and the desperate decline of the traditional church in the West, I’ll let the body decide. Father wants us to understand and believe Him about what he did in Jesus and who we are as a result. Then we will be a life effective for the final season of history.

Let’s look together and see if God’s revelation in Christ teaches us that we are something more than merely forgiven sinners or beggars sharing bread. Though we all truly were beggars. And are forgiven sinners. But what else are we? Does God intend to keep us in an Old Covenant identity as we are being conformed to the image of Christ?

Second, I wanted to honor and obey my Father by sharing the insights he had given me. Over and over He taught me lessons about his fathering and my sonship. These lessons helped me grow in character and practical holiness. They also stretched me and matured my character. They prepared me for responsibility in the body of Christ. But most important of all, His love of his children compelled me to give Him the best work I was capable of with His empowering. We’re the “sons of God” . . . So What? is an offering back to my Father. I won’t go farther here because I elaborate in the book.

Finally, I had sincere hopes for my future readers. I believe that, though very imperfect, this book is going to powerfully impact those who read it with open hearts and a willingness to take a fresh look at what scripture may be saying to us. I am convinced that it will be challenging, encouraging and edifying. I prayed for my readers years before any of them knew I was writing. I wanted to give them something more than information. We have enough informational books and materials on the internet. For them, I wanted genuine transformation. Change that would bring them great joy.

I loved how books impacted me in that way. When I came to Christ, as a brand new believer, I was not a reader. I spent very little time reading. But when I came to know Him, I wanted to learn EVERYTHING about him. So I devoured the Bible, then books about the bible and spiritual growth, the gifts, the lives of important models of the faith, and so on. Those books jump-started my spiritual formation and launched me much farther than I could have gone on my own without them. They helped me to form my new identity as a believer in Christ. They were also important to me when I fell along the way. When ensnared by past sin, they showed me not only a way out, but a way that could change my propensity to continue in the old nature (and under the performance-based Old Covenant).

So many of us know the pain of sin and failure. We understand rejection and want acceptance. We are all recovering from the fallenness of this sin-sick world. On the path to any spiritual recovery, we must encounter a godly view of WHO we really are. Our identities have suffered the stain of sin and shame. But the Beautiful News of the Royal Reign of God, is that we are something more than redeemed sinners (as wonderful and true as that is). We who have come to Him . . . on HIS terms, have taken on a new identity. The title of my book gives away that identity. And many would shake their heads in affirmation . . . “that’s right, we’re the sons of God.” But then comes the inevitable question: “So what?” How does that help me in my day tomorrow at work?  How does that help me know what to do with my aging parents? What difference can believing the right things make at my job or in my classroom? How can being a “son” improve my relationships? And as a woman, who cares that we’re “sons?”

We have been given supernatural weapons–weapons that are not of this world–to tear down mental and spiritual strongholds that have become pretenses to, not only knowing God more deeply, but to knowing ourselves. Even on this side of the cross and resurrection, on this side of being “born again” or “Spirit-filled, we still suffer an identity crisis. We really don’t know who we are! As a pastor, I hear it so often. God’s children believing that they are less than they are in Christ. They often go through life with either an entitlement or a victim mentality. They insist that they should be first in line or that the government needs to take care of them. Or they whine that they feel powerless. But we are more than victims. God wants us to stand up and to walk in the authority of our callings. He wants us to have HIS view of who and what we are. That’s why I believe that this book has the potential to truly bless the reader who is willing to face what is found in the book, to meet with the Father in the reading, and to be willing to be transformed by a renewing of the mind into a greater Christlikeness.

The hope I hold for my readers is that they will find an oasis of refreshment and life-giving fruit that can sustain them along the spiritual journey to our Father’s Kingdom and to their inheritance.

If you want a print edition of the book in either hardcover or softcover, simply click on the title below.

We’re the “sons of God” . . . So What? is also available on Kindle and Nook:

  • Clicking on the menu above entitled “Find My Book” then make your choice. OR . . . if you are reading this post on your Kindle
  • Turn on your wireless, then Go to Storefront, enter my name or a portion of the title, you will find the book there.

May the Lord bless your reading of my book and grant you His Spirit of wisdom and revelation that you might know Him and his deep love for you better.

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