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A Retraction

Upon further reflection, I decided that my post entitled “Most US Muslims Feel Singled Out by Terror Policies” was ungracious and unfair. So I deleted  it from my posts.

I didn’t like the spirit in which I was framing my argument. It had an air of superiority and smugness to it that is not truly reflective of who I normally am as a follower of Jesus. Even my wife said, “Honey, that doesn’t sound like you. It’s more a rant than a reasoned argument.” I had to agree with her.

Even Though I continue to believe Islam is a problem, I choose to argue the case more generously. As a result, though the post may have negatively impacted few [I do not presume to have many readers], I decided to pull it from my archives as well.

I further apologize and seek forgiveness from anyone who may have been distressed by its rather rambling and demeaning nature. I’ve decided to think more carefully before I put my thoughts and feelings out where they can be read.

Thank you for reading this.

This Present Sharia Darkness

This two part message is not a scare tactic. This warning by a courageous, political leader, Geert Wilders, is a brave testimony to the TRUTH! He reminds me of the Winston Churchill of the early 1930’s when no one would listen. Until the Third Reich began bombing those who derided Churchill.

For conscience sake, and because I have studied the history of the Ottoman Empire and Islam, I have to host this video on my blog.

If you’re unable to access this from a reader or email, simply click here.

Part 2 of his message is below:

Wilder echoes and underscores what I wrote in Chapter 2 of my book, We’re the ‘sons of God’ . . . So What?. You will see that what I predicted there TWO YEARS AGO, is now unfolding faster than I had predicted. I thought then that I was being conservative.

This is the clash of Kingdoms and Cultures predicted by Jesus as an unmistakable characteristic of the end times.

QUESTION: What do you think about Sharia law, Islamization, and this warning?

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