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The Fate of our Nation: An Open email

Hi to my family, friends, and readers:

Me & Newt

As a pastor, I’ve always been careful about combining politics with my calling to ministry. I continue that care to this day by not speaking about my personal preferences for political office when I proclaim or teach the Word in that official role. I simply ask people to vote God’s values and to vote for the best person who champions His values.

However, right now I am not writing to you as a “pastor” or “elder” but as a friend or brother and as a citizen and voter.

As a teacher of history, I believe that the coming Presidential election is the most important since 1860. I do not exaggerate when I say that it is probably the most important vote of my lifetime and yours–perhaps in our nation’s history.

  • Our nation is divided
  • We are broke (financially) and deeply in debt to hostile nations.
  • The national security of the United States has never been more compromised.
  • We have no strategic foreign policy.
  • We are under attack from the outside and inside
  • Our southern border is overrun. And radical Islam is staging in Venezuela and Margarita Island.
  • Nuclear weapons are in the hands of three renegade powers who will not hesitate to use them. This President is all hat and no cowboy.
  • We are poised to abandon our close ally, Israel.

The current President has run fast and loose in the greatest office in the world–that of President of the United States. He is in way over his head. He may know about community-action in Chicago and what the liberal elites at Columbia believe about how wonderful the U.S. would be as a socialist nation, but a socialist nation was never God’s intent for our great Union of states.

We are a light on a hill. We are a beacon of freedom and liberty, where each person can aspire to be what God has placed in his/her heart or mind to be and do. That requires freedom. No one is free as long as he or she is in debt. No one is free as long as he or she is required to have health insurance of the government’s choosing. No one is free as long as political correctness trumps reason and common sense. No one is free when our national security is continually undermined by the Commander-in-Chief who is sworn to protect and defend from all enemies foreign AND domestic. Who will protect us from HIM? And no one is free when their nation’s courts legislate values opposed to God’s values.

Since 9/11 the ancient Ottoman Empire has reared its head and come back to life. Islam sees the opportunity under this President to spread across the world. He has done NOTHING to stop it. As a matter of fact, he has helped by granting access to secret FBI research facilities in the form of a tour to demonstrate our techniques and facilities. He invites known Islamic collaborators to access the white house. He has been credited with several military victories but these were not his doing, he simply took credit for them. And he continually undermines Israel’s friendship and sovereignty.

Islam is a greater threat than ever, yet it’s all talk when it comes to Obama’s  dealings with Iran and Syria. Now he has again capitulated to an enemy by agreeing to abandon an airbase in Pakistan. Pakistan is evicting the U.S. from the drone base responsible for gathering intelligence on our enemies. We know that he will not hesitate to abandon Israel to her enemies should Israel choose a preemptive, unilateral strike.

I’m not only voting for Newt Gingrich, but I’m assisting in his campaign and have given a small contribution. I urge you to follow my example. Why?

Barack Hussein Obama is a politician. Newt Gingrich is a Statesman. What’s the difference?

James Freeman Clarke said, “A politician thinks about the next election; a Statesman thinks about the next generation.

If we do not elect a leader of the caliber of Newt Gingrich, Obama will win again. If he wins, no one will have to worry about the next generation. There won’t be one! Our nation is at a crossroad. Most people sense it. They can feel something huge pending, waiting to happen.

If you review his videos on “My Best of Newt” post and recall his contributions as former Speaker of the House back in the 90’s, you’ll see why Newt is absolutely the man for this season of our great history. Other candidates are sincere and would likely do well with help. However, like Churchill in the 1930’s and 40’s, Newt sees the issues with crystal clarity and knows how to navigate in Washington to get the job done.

Since any President can only keep his word to the nation if he has the Congress and Senate WITH him, this is the one election where we really need the candidate to be a Washington insider who can work with the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle to get the job done. And Newt’s already shown us that he can keep a “Contract with America.”

I highly recommend the following two sites to get you up-to-speed on Newt’s qualifications and “21st Century Contract with America”:

1. My “Best of Newt” YouTube playlist

2. Newt’s official site Newt.org

And if you want to help, you can visit the New Hampshire website (http://www.newthampshire.com/) and offices in Manchester. I’ll be there from time to time as a volunteer. Drop in. Or better yet, sign on as a volunteer.

Love to talk to you anytime about why Newt should be the next President of the United States.

Make sure you’re registered to vote and PLEASE don’t skip the NH primary on Jan. 10, 2012 (for those of you who are NH residents). Make sure you’re registered to vote.

Thanks for reading this rather lengthy email. But I know you care about our nation too.


Muslim Brotherhood: Shoebat Video Interview

Walid Shoebat – CBN TV – Video.

Educate yourself!

Enemies of Israel

I will fight those who fight you,

and I will save your children.

I will feed your enemies with their own flesh.

They will be drunk with rivers of their own blood.

All the world will know that I, the Lord,

am your savior and your redeemer,

the mighty One of Israel.  –Isaiah 49:25c-26

Here in this text, the prophet Isaiah speaks to Israel a “word of the Lord.” He hears a word from God regarding Israel’s future. In it we get a glimpse of God’s determination to defeat any foolish enough to propose Israel’s defeat or destruction. He is in effect saying, “Hands off my chosen people.”

God makes it clear that He will act on Israel’s behalf as He had in the past where he actually brought insanity upon an attacking army. The result was that Israel witnessed the self-destruction of an entire army on the field of battle. God gave Israel’s enemy over to their hatred and lust for blood by allowing their madness to go unrestrained. They all perished. [see Isaiah 60:12].

God makes it clear in vs. 26, that Israel’s enemies will self-destruct:

1.they will consume their own flesh;

2.they will be “drunk with rivers of their own blood.”

They will begin with intense hatred for God’s people and that hatred will consume them as they destroy themselves for nothing. In the end, Israel will not only stand, but will glorify God as the whole world sees the Savior, Redeemer, the “mighty One of Israel,” defend his people This will have the effect of turning the hardened hearts of the godless everywhere to see God’s hand of protection over His people. How much more so for those in his Family now–those who are in Christ?

Father, glorify yourself in your people. Use the enemies of your people to bring nations to their senses. May all the families of the earth come to reflect your glory to the principalities and powers in the heavenly realms. Establish the remnant! To your glory . . . make her the praise of the earth. Fulfill the faith of Jesus I pray.

In Quietness and Confidence


Only in returning to me

And resting in me will you be saved.

In quietness and confidence is your strength.

Isaiah, chapter 30, verse 15 (NLT)

Israel faced great difficulty and possible destruction. They had a choice to make: trust in the Lord, Yahweh, or trust in Egypt. They chose Egypt. They carried tribute through the deserts and wearied themselves serving a nation they “trusted” would be an ally. But God told Isaiah that Egypt had no intention of helping or rescuing Israel. Egypt was simply using Israel to get richer. So Israel was wasting its strength and wealth on an unreliable savior. God, through his prophet Isaiah, gave them the answer they needed even though we find out later that they had no desire or will to trust Him and return to Him.

The answer to Israel’s dilemma was spiritual, but because the problem was political, they sought political solutions and alliances rather than spiritual ones. Had they trusted God rather than politics and alliances they could have avoided catastrophe. But they had still not learned that their “strength” and salvation was to be found in fully trusting God.

Lord, today much of the church, your body, here in the United States does likewise. We have trusted in parties, alliances and political solutions to our nation’s problems. So has modern day Israel. May you take the blinders off. Help us to see that only in returning and resting in our relationship of trust with you, will we see righteous results and be “saved” from the enemy of our souls and what he works in our culture. Help us to be quiet and confident in trusting YOU alone!

Father, I place my trust in you–not NATO or England, Egypt, or any other ally. You are my ally.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.” –Psalm 62:1

© 2011 David C Alves

Photo by David Alves

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