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Adopted Memoir Available for Kindle

“I thought I’d be dead by 21”


Great pain produces character. It can just as easily produce fear, rejection, and self-loathing. 


My early life produced in me a fear that I’d be dead by 21. This personal narrative is my memory of a lifelong search for love, belonging, and a sense of place. Walk with me on my journey through abandonment, panic attacks, fear, rejection, bullying, and unbelief, out into the blinding light of healing love.


Adopted touches on the issues nearly every child or adult adoptee must face on the way to maturity, wholeness, and redemption. Along the way it provides valuable insights to adoptive and foster parents who long to see their children whole; and, to adult adoptees who wonder why they do what they do and how healing can be the next chapter in their life story.


See product page at Amazon.com

Realm of Fay ” 4 Haikus”

The Haiku art form is beautiful; it can even be stunning. The Haikus at Five Reflections so inspired me that I decided to post a link to my attempt at “Four Haikus” at my Litblog–Realm of Fay.

FYI – David Fay is my birth name. I use it for my poetry, fiction, literary essays, etc.

Please visit Five Reflections too. When we find something worth mentioning, isn’t it great to pass that along?


This blog, David’s Place and my Litblog, Realm of Fay are both available for your Kindle.

Simply click on either title, it’ll take you to Amazon and a 15-day FREE trial. You might want to check out my wife’s blog Marcy’s Walk. Her blog is available on Kindle too at Marcy’s Walk on Kindle.

Thanks for reading.

Waiting for Hurricane Irene « Marcy’s Walk

Waiting for Hurricane Irene « Marcy’s Walk.

I recommend this post by my wife. I love her stuff.

Enjoy and Grow strong.

My Wife

I was just sitting here, posting my wife’s latest blog post, and the thought came to me: Marcy is so cool. My wife is really more than cool–she’s wonderful! I don’t know anyone like her. Not only is she thankful for water (her post), not only does she love the Lord, not only is she REAL in a world of imitation and plastic, not only does she take an interest in everyone around her and make their lives a little better; but she chose to love me. WOW!

Her love has given me the acceptance and stability I needed in my life to allow the Lord to develop character in me. Nothing that concerns me slips past her notice. I’m amazed! Daily!

Her heart, wisdom, and character have been an example to me for 34 years (32 of which we’ve been married, one of which we dated and one of which we were engaged). I’ve watched her walk with Jesus and seen the genuineness of that walk. I’ve encouraged her as she’s navigated cancer and strengthened her immune system for the past three years.

Next to Jesus . . . she’s my hero.

Marcy just had another birthday. We’re shooting for 50 Years of marriage, Lord willing. I’d tell you her age, but like she says: “Age is only a number . . . and mine’s unlisted.” Or she might say, “Can you keep a secret?” When you answer “Yes” and draw close to hear . . . she’ll say, “So can I.”

One last comment about our marriage. It would not be what it is if Jesus were not at the center of it. He brought us together as best friends and so we remain . . . Marcy is my best friend!

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