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Michael Coren: Newt Gingrich is Right – Truth About Palestine

Every once in awhile, someone is brave enough to report real, not revisionist, history. This is the REAL history of the Palestinians and Palestine (the state?).

Anyone willing to be convinced by facts anymore?

46 States to Go

Newt is running for PEOPLE. The people will elect him, not the Republican establishment. People will win the election, not money. Without any bias, listen to what Newt is saying.

Get a clue that he is being attacked by the moderate Republican elite because they won’t be able to control Newt as they can Mitt.

Perry Practices Redemption, Endorses Newt

Not Naive, Positive-Realists

For those who believe that Christians or conservatives are somehow naive, read on.

Christians have always valued repentance, redemption, and restoration. We know that human beings are weak and fallible. We understand the nature of man. People are NOT naturally good. We are good creations that have gone bad. That is why: Christ’s followers are “positive realists.”

We understand the fallen nature. We recognize our falleness because we have read The Book. And we recognize human frailty because we have seen the worst in ourselves. We have looked in the mirror, faced the truth about ourselves, and turned from our way to God’s. When we did, he supernaturally met us and transformed our inner person (Jesus called it being “born from above”). That is the core-truth of the Good News Jesus shared with the world.

Those who have never been brave enough to look at their own sinfulness and put their trust in a loving God to restore their humanness, don’t get to point at other’s weaknesses unless they have first confronted their own (Jesus parable of the log in the eye).

To illustrate: Jesus saw a woman who deserved stoning under the Jewish Law. Surrounded by her accusers who were ready to kill her for her adultery, Jesus answered their question about her punishment; he said, “Let he among you who has no sin throw the first stone.” No one was without sin, so no one threw a stone at her. Jesus turned to her and asked her, “Who now accuses you?” “No one,” she answered. “Then, NEITHER DO I. Go and sin no more.” Mercy always triumphs over judgment.

I don’t expect secular humanists, nominal Christians, or the self-righteous to understand how a sinful life can be redeemed. But if you’re a disciple of Jesus, and have yourself been forgiven and transformed,  you are expected by Jesus to understand. That Newt, married three times, living in an open marriage in 1993 (17 years ago), can be forgiven and change radically having turned from his way to God’s. You understand the parable of the unforgiving servant and will not fall into the trap of choking your brother for $25. when your debt of $25, 000, 000. has been forgiven.

You may not like Newt Gingrich . . . or any of the candidates running. That’s fine. But you need to be careful before God about your attitude and your words. They are weighed by God.

Newt married Callista in 2000. Since, he has regreted his self-centered, shameful behavior and repented and given his life to Christ. Those around him also attest that Newt’s was not a campaign-conversion, but a real move of God in Newt’s life. I am not the judge, but I know the JUDGE. He expects us to give the benefit of the doubt and support and encouage all those in the family of God who are new disciples and learning His ways.

Rick Perry “Gets it!”

I’m glad that Rick Perry gets it. Listen to not only his words endorsing Newt, but his reference to our Christian values.

Then I call you, like him or not politically, to treat Newt the way Jesus (and Rick Perry) is treating him.

America’s Historic Choice

Do the American people truly understand that we will make a historic choice this year? Our nation as we have known it these past 250 years, will never be the same if Obama continues as President. Or if the kids who put Obama in office put Ron Paul in office simply because he’ll legalize their drugs and cater to their self-centeredness.

New Hampshire has an opportunity to lead the nation. We can show the nation that we really understand the choice that lays before us. But contrary to what the Republican establishment would have you believe, Mitt Romney is not the man to lead us away from the abyss. Romney is a manager, but not a leader. He is a politician, but not a statesman.

For those who genuinely are undecided between Romney and Newt, perhaps this comparison chart will help:

We need a visionary leader who has known since youth that his destiny was to save his country from a great danger. Winston Churchill had such a vision and was such a leader. I am amazed at the parallels between Churchill and Newt Gingrich. But the most outstanding similarity is their prophetic grasp of the “big picture.” Both men saw and understood the dangers that faced their nation. And they both had clarity about how to face those dangers.

We need a leader who can lead us through an American renewal. We do not need a manager who will “manage the decay” and be controlled by the moneyed establishment.

Newt has enemies because his eyes were not on his next election. He did what needed to get done, what he had promised the American people who placed him in office. He got the job done, and both sides whined about it. Now the Republican establishment is repaying Newt’s defiance of the old guard by supporting the Massachusetts moderate–Romney.

For whatever reason, the Republican machine doesn’t yet understand that the only way to beat a liberal is to bring in a conservative, NOT a moderate. Americans want to see their values and nation renewed. They know that the Democratic party of today will never be able to create an environment free of baby-murder, true to Constitutional intention, friendly to faith, supportive of the nuclear family, national security, and historic Federalism (rights of the individual).

Massachusetts is not, nor has it ever been a conservative state. Romney did not win as Governor because he was a conservative. Newt has ALWAYS been conservative. He has a track record and the support of those who recognized the differences.

The historic choice lays before us: Will we continue down the path of medocrity and concession or will we take a bold new direction toward the renewal and restoration of the values that made this country the greatest force for good in the earth?

QUESTION: A moderate or a conservative?

LA Times: Newt Gingrich Wins Tea Party Patriots Straw Poll

In spite of negative campaigning by Romney and Paul, Newt Gingrich wins Tea Party Patriots straw poll – latimes.com.

Newt Gingrich is the Winston Churchill of the second decade of the 21st Century. If Newt  does not win the 2012 nomination and if Obama is voted another four years, we will experience what England would have experienced had Winston not been head of the nation under the threat of the Third Reich.

Our threat? Islamization and a nuclear Iran.

Honestly, does anyone truly believe that Obama is a strong enough President and historian to face down and defeat the threats facing our nation? Would Ron Paul? He’s the MOST clueless with regard to foreign policy. He’s actually bizarre and frightening. He’d legalize drugs, withdraw from humanitarian efforts overseas, and so drastically cut our military that he would invite attack. One wonders how he gets a following.??

We may fall because of what liberal education has done to reconstruct history, but I’m hoping that enough Americans still understand real history and will recognize our danger and the solutions for our times.
Photograph © 2011, David C Alves

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