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Camping On the Word: Blind Guide

Harold Camping has taken his followers and listeners on another failed Camping-trip. Unfortunately, Camping on the Word, is a blind guide.

Following another recent unfulfilled prediction of the return of Jesus by Harold Camping of Family Radio, I read an excellent post by Timothy Dalrymple entitled:

A Letter to Harold Camping and Those Who Expected Judgment Day

Below is a comment I made on that post:

Of course, you handled this well. One has to feel badly for Camping’s listeners and those who believe his flawed interpretations of Scripture. Only one thing remains. This is not the first time Harold Camping has set a date for the return of Jesus. This is the second or third time. And this is not the only false doctrine he has championed. He has opposed the work of God’s Spirit in important texts. I’m flabbergasted that NO ONE close to him has urged him to repent or apologize for the effects of his Gnostic presuppositions on those who sincerely long for the return of our Lord.

Mr. Camping needs first to humble himself, admit his errors, and ask his supporters to forgive him. He should then widen the circle and ask the body of Christ to forgive him. Finally, he needs to sit quietly under the teaching of someone more biblically sound and anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Graciousness can be applied AFTER Mr. Camping makes restitution for the damage done to all of those who followed him and to all of us who expect the immanent return of Jesus but know better than to set dates since Jesus emphatically warned against it.

Thanks for your thoughtful response. But don’t be shy about admonishing a man who, in his pride, does not listen to the Holy Spirit, presumes upon the Lord, and ignores Jesus Himself.


Tone is often difficult to communicate through the written word. Please understand, I am saddened, not gloating over Camping’s habitual errors in the Word. Nonetheless, as a Christian leader myself, I feel that I cannot in good conscience remain silent. As I have suggested regarding Camping, I humble myself today and desire to not devote myself to things that are “too wonderful” for me (Ps. 139).

QUESTION: What do you think?

(c) 2011, David C Alves

Where’s Jesus? When Will He Come?

Not when you expect it!

Someone predicted that Jesus was supposed to return  today. Of course, He has not yet returned. He never does return when men or women predict that He will. History is repleat with the anticipation and disappointments of His immanent return. That is not to say that He couldn’t come the day after tomorrow (no, I’m not setting a date–just making a point).

Jesus WILL come, but not when someone announces what day and hour he will come. NO ONE knows when He will return. We only know the season. Since I’m writing this, we have yet another PROOF of what Jesus said in answer to those who want to know the day and time of His return.

Our Challenge: To not become scoffers with others who mock because of misplaced zeal. For the plan of the enemy is and has always been to cause us to distrust the Father’s word. “Has God really said?.” Reread what the devil said to Eve in the Garden. That was precisely his tactic. It has not changed throughout history. His strategy: Cause them to doubt God’s goodness and love.

When people set dates about the coming of Jesus, the enemy creates disappointment, discouragement, and makes Christ’s followers look naive. Ultimately, false predictions close the ears for our more important announcement: God, the Father, loves you with an undying love. He has bridged the gap between Him and us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. So now we can be members of His household and precious Family members with him. Ultimately Jesus will come and when He does, he will sort out everything. Then God will create the New Heavens and New Earth–the home of all those who trusted that he is Lord and Savior of humankind. What’s required on our part? To believe that this Good News is true and includes any who desire a relationship with the Father of that new world.

What an awesome message!

The quick answer to the questions posed in the title of this post is:

Jesus is with His Father, in the heavenlies. He is in His resurrected body and will return physically and visibly. By means of the Holy Spirit, He is in the midst of His people–those who have received and accepted his gift of reconciliation and peace.

He will return at a time appointed by the Father. According to the Scriptures, even the Son of God did not know that time. Nor do we! Jesus told us that we would understand the signs of the times and that the season of His coming would be obvious. We ARE in the season of His return. I happen to believe it is immanent, but have NO IDEA about what day or hour He will return. So I remain ready. How about you?

Because the most important question is: ARE YOU READY?

© 2011, David C Alves

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