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John 10:27 – Jesus Still Speaks Today?

No wonder a theology has developed that thinks Jesus doesn’t communicate with us today.

Shifting Gears

I’m shifting gears. I just returned from a week at the Carmelite Monastery in our city. I spent the week there responding to an invitation to solitude, silence, and prayer. That invitation came by way of a deep inner desire to be alone with God and a divine discontent in my soul that had been growing more intense over the previous several weeks.  I was actually thinking about discontinuing my blog and getting off the internet altogether. But I’ve changed my mind. I simply need to shift gears.

As I gave myself to quiet and prayer, reflecting on the goodness and love of God, something happened. I want to write about what happened. What my Father showed me. Things he has been, and is, doing to reveal his love.

We get enough bad news. We hear too much cynicism and skepticism. So I’m making a schism with “cisms.” He’s drawing me to deeper wells. I want to write about the love that surpasses knowledge. I want to write about the journey our hearts are called to embark on. I want to write from the heart about how to go farther up and deeper in . . . to the immeasurable love of God.

I’m hoping that I won’t lose those of you who are here because of my perspective on Islam and things I’ve written in the past. Hopefully, you will find something else here for your enrichment. Something for your soul. Something that calls to the deep places of your heart. In any case, I’m not sure yet exactly how we’ll arrive, but I invite you to hang in here, as we continue on a wonderful Adventure with our Father. Because, I do know the ultimate destination.

If it’s true that “knowledge puffs up, but love builds up,” then I’m inviting a handful of readers to stick with me and see what God will be pleased to do as we dialog together about the journey we’re on.

I’m not a great writer. Nor is my content going to be the buzz online. But I do have a deep abiding relationship with Abba. And my wife and daughter tell me that I’ve shown the heart of God for them. So why not share with you some of what I’m experiencing as I plumb that deep love of God. That love that is greater than any ocean. That love that has as its goal your heart too.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll stay for a while longer to see if there’s anything here that your soul will be able to feed on. Perhaps we’ll mutually encourage one another’s faith.

I’m still going to try to post 2-3 times a week.

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I hope you’ll take the time to comment on this and future posts. I’ll always moderate to ensure that comments are edifying. Let’s start a discussion that can enrich us all.


So, how do you balance your prayer life?? « Living Proof Ministries Blog

So, how do you balance your prayer life?? « Living Proof Ministries Blog.

I found this post by Beth Moore to be an example of the best kind of sharing a blog can be capable of for encouraging us on our spiritual journey. Intimacy with God is essential to that walk. Beth does so well in honestly, from the heart sharing her own experience with us.

As a follow up to reading Beth’s post, you may like to check out Solitude, Silence, and Simplicity.

Be Still and Know

DISCLAIMER: The this post includes sexual imagery and discussion. Mature Bible readers only.

In Psalm 46:10, God invites us to, “Be still and KNOW that I am”

The knowing here is not academic or intellectual. In Hebrew the word for “know” is yada, (pronounced yad-THAH). Yada can mean secular knowledge and head-knowledge, but in this and other contexts in Scripture, yada is much more intimate. Westerners most often think in terms of head-knowledge. But head-knowledge is not what God is inviting us to here.

In Psalm 46, as in other places, he invites us to a knowing that “surpasses knowledge.” (Eph. 3.19). This YADAH is more akin to the communion between a husband and a wife at the height of intimacy, and in the union that takes place in sexual union. That’s why in the King James and ESV versions of the following verse, Adam and Eve “knew” one another, in order to conceive a child.

“Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.” Genesis 4:1 (ESV) [emphasis mine]

Certainly, what’s going on here with God is not the physical act, but the spirit intimacy best illustrated by a pure love between a husband and wife. We are in Him and He in us. Remember after all, God created sex and all that goes with it. The Bible in various places indicates that much more than the physical act is going on in sexual love. Something connects deep in the personality. Positive or negative soul ties are made there. In my opinion, that’s why often if you were to ask a man or woman if they can remember the first time she made love and with whom, she wouldn’t blink before she’d have the answer. A soul tie was made. That connection is psychic (a soul connection).

The knowing that surpasses intellectual apprehension makes deep, living changes in us. Really it is the personality of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit comingling in the deep places of our being–our spirit–to change us at the core. Our minds cooperate, but are themselves the recipients of the work God does deep in the inner recesses of the heart.

In our stillness before Him, the Father desires us to know His approach and abiding presence. We can sense it. I liken it to what if feels like when someone enters a room while your back is turned. You can sometimes feel that someone has entered. Then you turn and see that your feelings were right. At least I sense the Father that way. I also feel a fullness of spirit (I don’t know how else to describe this). I feel a joyful fullness–and know that He is infusing me with Life. He also wants us to experience a deep, peaceful trust in our inner embrace.

Solitude and silence are the essential conditions to knowing your Lord in ever deeper ways.

Be still.  Know. He will manifest his wonderful peace and presence to your inner man or woman.

QUESTION: Have you known God in your deepest heart? How would you describe it?

©2011, David C Alves

Solitude, Silence, and Simplicity

One of the most important things that happened to me on my sabbatical this spring was that I learned more about myself in relation to my spiritual formation in Christ. I have often stressed solitude, silence, and simplicity for myself and others. But somehow the Lord impressed upon me the need to go higher up and deeper in. I need to press in to that quiet place with him. So I have made solitude and silence a major priority in my life. They counter my tendency to talk too much or be too “busy” with people–too external. They make me stop to wait upon the Lord. They quiet my eagerness to serve by making wait to see what my Father wants me to do, not what I think I need to do.
In my renewed emphasis upon these important spiritual disciplines, I reread a past blog I wrote, The Simplicity of Solitude. I enjoyed going back to it. I thought as I read that perhaps this could be helpful to my friends and family as well. I recommend it to you. But find a quiet time and place to put it into practice.
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