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Prayer for My Nation

An Excerpt from my Spiritual Journals: The following was a time of intercessory prayer for the United States and my fellow citizens:

Feels like we’re on the brink of breakthrough. As though revival were about to begin. I sense the Lord moving. Also, in our nation it feels like some huge thing impending–war in the middle east? Revolution? The Return of the Lord? An amazing move of God in our nation?

I know that personally, I’m drawing nearer to the Lord. I’m sensing the need for His total leadership in my life. He has me focused on Him and the ministry of Jesus. I can’t imagine our nation turning around unless God’s mercy moves powerfully through our land. We’re a lost nation unless God restores us to His original intent for the United States. We were meant to be a blessing to the nations. A light of liberty for all people. That they might see what God could do with a nation committed to the freedom that he has created for all people, regardless of origins.

Only God’s grace and sovereign power can remove our sin and the judgment that stands against us for abandoning Him. Yet “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” He will have mercy in answer to our intercession. We, God’s intercessors, have the greatest responsibility for our nation. And as a result, the greatest power, authority, and ability to turn this huge ship around in order to sail toward our true port. What an honor.

Father, please remove the sin. Please remove the stain of unbridled pride and self-centeredness. Father forgive our waywardness. Forgive our rebellion. Cleanse our sinful hands. Hands that have been responsible for the murder of millions. Forgive our blind arrogance. Let the peoples see your power, your mercy, your generosity. Open the eyes of the blind. Set the captives free. Turn this great nation away from the course it is currently set on. Forgive. Restore. Remake. Lord, you forgave the Ninevites. Surely, you could send a prophet to this nation that has been a launching-point for the Gospel to the nations of the world. Surely your mercy is not too small a thing to wipe out our judgment. You can triumph and make a name for yourself. Our citizens could yet see your love in action, and turn from their wickedness. You could begin a people-movement unlike anything the world has yet to witness.

Raise up a prophet or prophets. Give them the same word. Make an openness in the heart of our nation for their message. Please bring your greatness to bear on our shame and defeat. Remember your word through Paul–our enemy is NOT people, but the powers behind.

Speak a word through your prophets that will devastate your enemies. Work through the church to crush the head of the serpent. Father, help us to recognize that you do whatever your heart dictates. May your heart be moved to make the Untied States a righteous nation. A nation that gives instead of takes. A nation United in You.

Lord, empower our ministry to bring all things in heaven and earth under One Head–Jesus Christ. Show the world the stark difference between Islam and Christianity–between evil and good, Satan and God. Open eyes. Change hearts. Pour out your Spirit. Let young men and women see visions. Let old men dream dreams.

Remove the sin of political correctness which was substituted for spiritual correctness. Remove the leaders, teachers, and influencers, who have taken our nation in its current direction. Raise up a new media. Remove those who have tried to shape our nation in their own image rather than in yours.

‘Father, this is my official intercession before you and your Sodth (the heavenly Council) for my nation. And for the sake of your great name. Make the sacrifice of my Savior and Lord Jesus and his resurrection effectual for my fellow Americans and the nations who will turn to Him and love Him.

Father, bless our leaders who love and follow you. Depose and dismiss those who don’t or won’t. Please remove tyrants and godless men and women from heads of government all around the world. Father defeat the strongholds of the principalities and powers over this present darkness. Bring in the Kingdom of Light. Release us by the blood of Jesus into the ineffable freedom of the sons of God. Thank you for giving us our lives in Christ. We will stand with you to reign with Christ until ALL his enemies are under his feet. Defeat the demonic hordes once and for all. Bring the world to your throne of mercy and love. Destroy evil–wherever you find it. Save your people from this present darkness.

* * *

Lord, would you also stir up the gifts in me. Show me how to focus and use them. Give me a revelation of your choosing so that my final years will be my best. Let me finish stronger than I started. Grant me a fruitful word. Grant me an influence beyond my understanding. Empower the bread I cast upon the waters. Focus my pen. Focus my heart. Keep me doing “this One Thing.” Ordain effectiveness for me. Show me how to serve with Marcy to the best of our capacity and potential. I trust YOU to do it. I am aware of my many limitations and my aging. But I know that even into old age, you can make our leaf green and our fruit will ripen and nourish those who pick it. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for sending us. Thank you for fruitfulness. Keep us fruitful until we breathe our last, then even after that, should Jesus tarry, use our music, writings, and memory to bring people into relationship with you, or to deepen their walk with You. May we see our many spiritual children and grandchildren in the Kingdom. Father, as we desire to honor you, please honor us in the presence of many witnesses to the glory of Christ. Amen.

Spiritual Journal Entry 2/13/12


Probably just spent the most profound week of my recent walk with the Lord. I have been in his presence continually in a way that I have been conscious of his nearness. I think of his promise: “Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you.” (James 4 somewhere).

Don’t want anything to disturb this “abiding.” This is what I was made for and why I was called to be a son. Profound peace, shalom, fatness of soul, great joy, sweet communion, these are some ways I would try to describe my experience. I also sense that something like a switch has been activated that brings me to a new level of intimacy with Him.

*      *      *

I have recorded much more in my two diaries–“Ideas” and “Thoughts.” While I was with the Lord, it wasn’t convenient to use my laptop, so I wrote in the diaries to later transcribe them here to my spiritual journal.

To summarize, I would simply say that God placed a divine discontent within me for anything less than His manifest presence. I wanted to GO be with Him–apart from any distractions–for an extended period of time. So I carved out a week on my calendar, made the appointment to stay at the monastery, then packed and went. From the time I made the decision to get apart with the Lord, I have sensed his nearness, his pleasure, and his continuous drawing. I believe from what I read that He longed to be with me and placed the desire for more of Him in my heart. My part was to cooperate with the desire.

Of course, once I actually arrived at the monastery and settled in, He embraced my heart and I’m experiencing something of the mountain-top type of experiences I used to have when I went on spiritual retreat alone to VT or Grantham or with Pete to Pilgrim Pines.

The difference is that I have always returned to the valley following mountain-top experiences with God. This time, I’m still on the mountain-top. I want to trust him that I can abide here and function in my everyday life. This may be some of what Brother Lawrence wrote of in his Practicing the Presence of God. Even in our work, we can be recollected to our Father’s loving presence.

Great peace have they who abide in your love, Lord. Thank you that you “Delight” in us.

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