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War on Terror Needs a New Name

Please View This

I believe with Newt Gingrich that “Every citizen who is concerned about our nation’s safety and security should see this compelling and powerful documentary.” Please take a couple of minutes to view the documentary trailer at AmericaAtRisk.com then return to finish reading my post.


We are in deep trouble here in the United States of America. I am angry. My anger comes from grief over the approaching loss of my nation to domestic and external enemies. Our past (under Clinton and Bush) and current governments (under Barack Hussein Obama–either due to willful ignorance, fear, or treason) have not understood the true nature or source of evil facing our nation in the totalitarian worldview known as Islam. Islam has a religious ARM, but it is not a religion. It is a world government–the Fourth Reich. The express purpose of this coming government is to rule the world under its god–Allah. Since all must submit to Allah in order for their “religion of peace” to actually work, killing, murder, rape, lying, torture, are all legitimate means to their end–a new, world Caliphate.

Our own federal government will not allow government employees to use words that implicate Muslims or Islam in the war on terror. A sort of Islamic censorship has been instituted in government agencies on the watch of this President. This development is so ludicrous that if it weren’t for the present danger it poses to our future as a people, it would be unbelievable. Who would have thought that our nation could get to the place where it no longer recognizes a clear and present danger from outside and inside? I have begun to question the current Administration’s true agenda?

The war on terror needs a new name.

By avoiding the real enemy, our government participates in the creation of terror. We must have new leadership that truly “gets it.” I personally will not vote for ANYONE who does not understand this present and future danger. The next President of the United States of America must be someone who understands the times and knows what the people should do. If not, our nation will not survive the next four years. Those serving in Congress and the Senate, need to understand these issues. And people serving at the local level in cities, towns, and hamlets and villages of America need to understand what’s at stake in allowing Muslims special privileges in opposition to our Constitution, foundational documents, and the laws and rights of these United States. We must also go back to the original source on the purpose of government–the Bible [see Romans 13].

And the body of Christ must not neglect its ministry of intercession. Our unity is under attack from within and without. These times are not unlike the Civil War years in America. The question then and now is: will we continue to be a United States of America? Or will we divide into many little nations? or Regions? Behind the polarization, behind the division are spirits. Demonic spirits.

I will NEVER live under Islam or bow the knee to its demon-god–Allah. I will not make concessions for its ways or its demands when they are contrary to the laws of our land or of the God who provides the grace, freedom, or framework for our laws and freedoms. NEVER! I’d rather go and die with a group of people that stand against Islam–its hatred and injustice against women, children, and all that is good–than to give in to or participate in a Fourth Reich [under the demon spirit animating Islam and Hitler’s National Socialism].

Perhaps God has raised up an enemy (a beast–Rev. 13:1-8?) to come against us for our many sins and the decadence of our society. Perhaps Islam is that sword that will experience some measure of victory against us (Rev. 13.7). I don’t know for sure. But I do know this . . .

I will stand with God and his people (Eph. 6.13)–both followers of Jesus and believing Jews of the remnant spoken of by the Apostles & Prophets . I will stand with any American who has an open heart to our foundations and the Judeo-Christian heritage which is embodied in our Constitution and early federal institutions; and advocates displacement against our spiritual enemies. I will stand with any world citizen who values freedom under the true and ONLY God–Yahweh.  I will stand with any Muslim who renounces Allah, his mad messenger, and Antichrist Mahdi in order to receive the resurrected Jesus of Nazareth as his/her Savior, Lord, and King.

Remember this:

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies [PEOPLE], but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places [DEMONS who USE people].” (Ephesians 6:12, NLT)

Demons are not defeated by violence (kill their host, they simply move to another one–like zombies), but by warfare-intercession and Christ’s power. The “War on Terror” needs to be renamed, “The War on Satan” and it is fought in the prayer closet and in half-nights of prayer together. With a newspaper in one hand and our hearts and minds in the heavenlies, where we’re seated with Christ (Col. 3.1-3) [the source of our authority]. Read my book if you’ve never heard any of this or want to know more.

We are not powerless against this enemy. We have weapons that are not carnal [worldly].

   “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,” (2 Corinthians 10:4–5, ESV)

We have supernatural weapons. We have the power of God. And what’s even more awesome and wonderful . . . We have the AUTHORITY of Christ to WAR and WIN in the spirit against this presumptuous imposter. We are victorious OVERCOMERS!

   “And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” (Luke 10:18–19, ESV)

Will someone stand with me against His enemies? God ALONE is our Fortress and our Victory (Ps. 91) Let’s INTERCEDE.

Bin Laden’s Death: Mission Behind the Mission

Shortly after 3PM Eastern time Sunday, U.S. Navy Seals killed Usama Bin Laden. What was the mission behind the mission though? I believe that my friend, Luke, and I along with many others had a part in this event. Let me explain.

Saturday night, Luke and I watched “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.” The DVD showed the intense hatred and focused malevolence aimed at the United States and other western countries by radical jihadists. The documentary interviewed reformed radicals who speculated upon the origins and sources of the hatred and violence of the jihadists. This threat is a clear and present danger not only to our country and economy, but to our way of life. It became obvious to us that this is a very different kind of warfare. You can’t see the enemy. No uniforms, no clear lines are drawn. No battle fronts. The battlefield is anywhere and everywhere. One of the reasons is that it is a spiritual warfare. The war against terror is a clash of kingdom ideologies that cross physical boundaries.

Not understanding this is the West’s greatest point of vulnerability. When secular humanists encounter radical spiritual warfare, their western, anti-supernatural bias prevents them from understanding the spiritual forces and reality behind the war. Having been in discussion with secular thinkers, I have found that they dismiss the spiritual for several reasons:

  1. Secular eyes can’t see spiritual truths. Jesus said as much. So did the Apostle Paul.
  2. Secular hearts fear what they can’t see or control. Even if they are willing to concede that perhaps there is spiritual reality behind religious warfare, they assume that because we’re dealing with the invisible realm, there is no way to affect the outcome or measure effectiveness. Of course, I would disagree and can site many instances of the physical realm being affected by the spiritual.
  3. Secular anti-supernatural bias is birthed and sustained by materialism (the belief that the only reality is material–what can be measured physically) and fear. Secularists are like Ostriches. Just plunge your head into the sand and you have no more to fear.

The great Apostle of Christianity, Paul, said, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12 ESV)

Knowing that terrorism has its roots in spiritual reality, Luke and I prayed that the Father would begin to take apart the ground that these demonic beings have claimed. We prayed that the powers and principalities behind the hatred would be revealed and silenced. We prayed that our enemies would come to their senses and be set free from the darkness that has them ensnared.

One day later, Osama Bin Laden died at the hands of U.S. Navy seals. The head of the snake has been severed. In Luke, chapter ten, verse 19, Jesus said, “I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” (ESV) [emphasis mine]

Our prayers, joined to those of many intercessors worldwide paved the way for our troops to be successful in this mission. We believe that we have at our disposal the ways and means to defeat radical Islam.

We hope you will join us. Pray for our troops. Pray for the defeat of darkness and wickedness. Trample the snakes and scorpions (demonic powers) by living a Spirit empowered, Spirit-filled life of intercession. Then let’s trust the Father to manifest the results of our spiritual warfare in the nightly news.

©2011, David C Alves

First String

We will rejoice in you and be glad;

We will extol your love . . . ”

–Song of Songs 1:1

Have you ever gone to a game and experienced the flush and excitement of the crowd, the intensity as the clock ran down to the two-minute warning with the score so close that either team could win?

We have shouted and cheered.  We have experienced the intensity and excitement.  The more thoughtful among us have also wondered at the human capacity to become so vocal at a game, yet most of us do. Now add to the mix someone you love out there playing on one of the competing teams.  Talk about thrilling!  Can’t you feel the adrenaline pump?

 The Holy Spirit is teaching me to be as excited about Jesus.  Jesus is my Champion.  He’s the Champion of Love.  The Bride of Christ is my team.  We’re at the two minute warning and the other team seems to have the lead.

Greatest of all . . . I’m not just a spectator or bench-warmer, I’m one of the players. We’re all first-string –EACH ONE.  My job, your job on the team is invaluable and all of creation is watching us. We are on display to the powers and beings in the heavenly realms (Eph. 6:10ff). Let’s get excited about THAT!  Let’s express our excitement by playing the game wholeheartedly–worship, fellowship, prayer, giving, caring, sharing, these are the plays that we need to be doing over and over to win . . . and win we will.

The game is ours.  Our Champion not only leads the way, but will play in us. And He has beat this team before.

What will your game be like today?

©2011, David C Alves

Self-destruct of Charlie Sheen?

Even though the majority of the human race recognizes that we’re each on a SPIRITUAL journey, have you ever noticed that we’re afraid of spiritual truth?

With the exclusive interview of Charlie Sheen on tap for broadcast on ABC tonight at 10PM, the news is full of his face and words. In my 61 years of life, thirty-four of which I spent working with people of all kinds and in various stages of soul-care, I view Charlie Sheen from a unique, seldom heard perspective. I am saddened and concerned that we are witnessing the self-destruct of a fellow human being. This is not a judgment on him nor is mine the last word on what is happening to him, but it is an informed opinion.

Charlie Sheen evinces many of the behaviors of a man in deep spiritual trouble. I am not qualified to speak of his psychological symptoms, which others claim, are present. Nor am I able to comment on his physical health (chemical or hormonal imbalances). What I can comment on is what may be the underlying causes of those symptoms. In my opinion, Sheen is experiencing demonic oppression. I’ve seen this on the mission field. Most especially in Brazil. I’ve seen it elsewhere where heavy drug use has opened a door in the psyche for access by dark spiritual forces.

Watch his movements. Listen to his words, often lacking in syntax and coherence, almost always self-aggrandizing, invincible. Notice the simmering anger, body language indicative of underlying rage. I plan on watching the interview tonight because I want to observe him more closely to see just how much access those spirits have to him. What I have yet to hear is religious talk. Almost all demoniacally oppressed people exhibit unusual religious behaviors or language at some point. Even Charlie Manson got to the place where he thought he was simultaneously Satan and Jesus Christ. I expect Sheen may end up saying something religious at some point in the interview, but whether he does or doesn’t, he exhibits many of the most obvious signs of demonic oppression that I’ve studied or seen in action.

To explain Sheen’s behavior as “manic,” which I heard in a news report last night, is to say nothing more than “we know that something’s out of balance and this is why.” To explain abnormal behavior by saying that someone’s chemistry has caused that behavior is to explain the behavior, but not the cause of the chemical change itself. Biological changes can occur by a spiritual catalyst. What I’m answering is the “how” and “why.”

Chemicals as a doorway to the spirit is nothing new. Native Americans will tell you how real this is. So will shamans of various cults and occult communities.

What Charlie Sheen needs is not more money from CBS. What he needs is faithful friends who can recognize demonic interference and know how to pray and function in deliverance ministry.

QUESTION: Do you think psychology and medicine hold the only solutions for those who manifest serious behavioral symptoms, or is there a spiritual aspect we Westerners have ruled out?

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